NICE Launches NTR-X Compliance Recording and Capture for Zoom

NICE, a leading provider of financial communication recording and compliance assurance solutions, announced that its next generation NICE NTR-X solution is now available for compliance recording capture for communications done via Zoom, including Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone, a feature-rich cloud phone solution.

Participating as a select early adopter partner, NICE worked with Zoom to create and utilise new APIs for financial markets compliance recording. NICE and Zoom also worked closely together to develop this compatibility to enable regulated customers to address capture and assurance requirements such as those outlined by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) Directive, and other global regulations.

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, stated, “In the current environment, as firms accelerate their digital transformation, we’re seeing the adoption of multiple forms of unified communications grow rapidly, particularly in heavily regulated environments like financial services. Our solution for Zoom continues to reinforce the fact that firms can put their trust in NICE and NTR-X for compliance recording coverage for all types of communications, from audio and video, to screen sharing and chat.”

Offering a consolidated, centralised approach to managing recording estates and footprints, NICE’s NTR-X can be deployed globally while still helping firms to adhere to local capture and storage requirements. Offering financial services firms, the benefit of a central vantage point into all global regulated users and communications, NICE’s NTR-X reduces regulatory risk, removes maintenance hurdles and reduces costs by up to 65%.

NICE NTR-X’s built-in compliance assurance capabilities help firms reduce compliance risk and improve responsiveness to regulators by automating the complete lifecycle management of data, and its open standards design gives firms the highest degree of flexibility for storing, securing and managing data. Open APIs also make data more accessible and enable integration with upstream and downstream applications for real-time alerting and actionable intelligence. NTR-X automates recording checks and provisioning of users (moves, adds and changes); transcription; bulk call extraction; system management and administration; compliance assurance reporting; tracking and managing legal holds; and the requirement to provide evidence of compliance to regulators.

NTR-X can be deployed as a cloud or on-premise solution, with both options offering a compelling total cost of ownership.

In addition to capture and recording for communications via Zoom, financial services firms currently rely on NICE NTR-X to capture Microsoft Teams, IPC Unigy, Cisco, Cloud9 and other communications platforms.

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