Avaamo becomes the first Conversational AI provider to offer ultra-realistic AI voices for Contact Center Automation

Avaamo, a leading provider of the Conversational AI solutions, announced it is adding a new capability to help businesses reimagine their self-service experiences using life-like AI voices.

By providing capabilities to build high-fidelity synthetic voices that are virtually indistinguishable from humans, Avaamo significantly reduces the time and expense to create unique, ultra-realistic brand experiences to enhance the self service experience.

Building an impeccable AI voice that reflects your brand:

Brands who are building self service experiences should not have to depend on a generic Alexa or Google voice to reflect their brand. The voice that answers the call when the customer reaches out communicates more than than just information; the tonality and timbre reflects the “voice of the brand”. With Avaamo AI voice, enterprises can create voice avatars based on their existing voice talent, such as a trusted company spokesperson.

With the talent’s permission and a few hours of recording, Avaamo Voice AI technology can be used create a custom brand voice to enhance call centre automation. Avaamo AI voice allows customers to adjust pitch, volume, speed, and intonation that contribute to whether a voice is perceived as warm, engaging or trustworthy. “In our experience, life-like AI voices further humanize and speed up call centre automation” said Ram Menon, Founder and CEO.

With enhancements like AI voice, Avaamo is helping businesses continue to innovate their voice experience alongside digital channels. Avaamo offers customers a full omni-channel conversational AI experience, including SMS, e-mail, chat, IVA, and a robust global voice service that advances our vision of end-to-end call centre automation.

For more information visit https://avaamo.ai/voice-ai

About Avaamo:

Avaamo is a venture funded Conversational AI enterprise software company. Powered by the latest innovations in neural networks, speech synthesis and deep learning, Avaamo is a SaaS platform that automates the Conversational AI lifecycle. Build powerful Conversational AI applications with pre-built enterprise connectors, conversation analytics and conversational validators that execute design-to-deployment lifecycles in weeks.