Ramboll Selects 3CLogic Voice Solution to Enhance Worldwide IT Service Desk Operations with ServiceNow

3CLogic announced the recent selection of its platform by Ramboll, a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company operating in 35 countries. The latest technology partnership will support Ramboll’s ongoing efforts to improve IT services and experience to its more than 16,500 employees distributed across the Nordics, UK, North America, Continental Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Leveraging ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) as its primary system of record to manage and resolve daily IT requests, the organization needed a more reliable and ServiceNow-centric cloud call centre offering to deliver an efficient, cost-effective, and personalized experience to its entire employee base. In addition, Ramboll required a GDPR-compliant solution to adhere to various global data sovereignty needs while also enabling rich reporting and analytics without the need for heavy customization to deliver quick insights into daily operations.

“Ramboll is focused on delivering the optimal IT service experience to employees so they can provide great experiences creating sustainable solutions to our clients worldwide,” explains Mukesh Garg, Director of IT Support Services. “Our selection of 3CLogic is in keeping with our commitment to provide a reliable and seamless inbound call experience for our colleagues across Ramboll. Their [3CLogic] ability to integrate deeply with ServiceNow helps to extend our existing investment in the platform while improving the overall user experience, effectiveness of our IT service delivery, and overall productivity as an organization.”

Organizations globally are adopting modern solutions to optimize the employee experience while reducing the negative impact and cost that comes with disconnected systems and overly manual processes. As part the deployment, Ramboll will be able to enjoy several enhancements including:

Configurable Call Routing and Personalization Integrated with ServiceNow ITSM – the ability to create and manage advanced call workflows from within ServiceNow, while leveraging ServiceNow incident or employee data, to route callers to the most qualified IT service desk representative and minimize operational costs while resolving issues faster.

ServiceNow Integrated Voice Self-Service and Automation – the ability to enable voice self-service and ServiceNow incident automation (i.e.: password reset requests, major outage notifications, voicemail transcriptions, etc.) for common call requests integrated with ServiceNow to optimize service desk operations and resources while delivering exceptional employee experiences.

ServiceNow Embedded Call Reporting and Insights – the ability to enrich ServiceNow with call data (i.e.: call recording, call KPIs, etc.) associated to the appropriate ServiceNow record while enabling consolidated reporting with ServiceNow standard reports or Performance Analytics for a complete view of all service desk interactions.

GDPR Compliant and Globally Available Voice Solution – global and scalable AWS-cloud hosted solution with ServiceNow as the system of record to remove the need for sensitive data to be hosted externally [3CLogic]. GDPR compliant as well as ISO, SOC2, and HIPPA certified.

“We are excited to support Ramboll and their digital transformation efforts”, explains Matt Durkin, Global VP of Sales at 3CLogic. “As organizations adjust to the changing economic environment, their ability to do more with less without sacrificing the quality of services to their employees and those supporting your operations, will be key moving forward. It is our pleasure to be part of the solution.”

About 3CLogic

3CLogic transforms cloud platforms or CRMs by seamlessly integrating voice with existing digital channels. Its innovative solutions extend CRM and data platform capabilities for Global 2000 firms by enabling advanced and scalable features such as optimized self-service experiences, virtual and live agent interactions, and conversational analytics.

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