3CLogic Voice-Enables ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent in Latest Collaboration with Technology Workflows Business Unit

3CLogic, announced the integration of its voice solution with ServiceNow’s native Virtual Agent as part of its ongoing collaboration with the company’s Technology Workflows business unit.

The new offering will leverage ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent Designer, pre-built Virtual Agent topics, and natural language (NLU) engine to allow ServiceNow customers to easily create and deploy conversational self-service call flows to solve for common call inquiries fast while improving the customer experience.

Per a recent 2022 study1, calling remains a preferred means of engagement by individuals, with 27% reporting an increase in their use of call centres for services. With 3CLogic’s voice-enablement of ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent, customers will enjoy several new integrated capabilities and use cases including:

  • Creating conversational IVRs leveraging ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent Designer – the ability to design intelligent self-service call workflows with ServiceNow’s native drag-and-drop designer supported by 3CLogic’s integrated speech capabilities.
  • Ability to extend existing Virtual Agent Chat flows to power new voice experiences – deploy new voice workflows fast with the option to re-use, build on, and apply current virtual agent flows and topics to solve for common call inquiries or deflect repetitive ones via voice self-service and 3CLogic SMS.
  • Leverage ServiceNow’s native natural language understanding (NLU) engine –apply the power of ServiceNow’s native NLU models and 3CLogic to determine a caller’s intent and deliver meaningful conversations using the full context of the Now Platform.
  • Enable service teams to create, deploy, and change voice workflows without IT – empower departments and service teams to build, test, and launch voice experiences without the need to rely on valuable technical resources or suffer long delivery times.

A ServiceNow Premier Technology Partner, 3CLogic has seen strong demand for its broad suite of voice, SMS, and cloud call centre capabilities from ServiceNow customers seeking to complement their use of ServiceNow’s digital channels (ie: knowledge portal, email, chat, etc.).

“3CLogic customers are eager to leverage their investment in the Now Platform to deliver superior customer and employee experience,” explains Denis Seynhaeve, CEO of 3CLogic. “Merging our voice solution with ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent Designer provides yet another way to do so. Boosting ROI of course, but also delivering superior CX through self-service and easy escalation to agents. This is uniquely powerful.”

With active deployments across five continents, 3CLogic’s customers include well-known brands including 7-Eleven, Nissan, Denny’s, and Korber Pharma leveraged across the ServiceNow suite for IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, HR Service Delivery, and most recently Healthcare & Life Sciences Service.

“We are excited to deliver this added level of functionality to our customers in the Now Platform Tokyo release in continued partnership with 3CLogic,” states Matt Schvimmer, SVP of product and service management at ServiceNow. “Phone remains a key interaction channel for both customers and employees and this new capability will enable organizations to create modern voice workflows while leveraging the entire Now Platform to deliver great experiences and outcomes.”

3CLogic’s Virtual Agent voice integration for ServiceNow is generally available today with ServiceNow’s newest Now Platform Tokyo release.

About 3CLogic

3CLogic transforms cloud platforms or CRMs by seamlessly integrating voice with existing digital channels. Its innovative solutions extend CRM and data platform capabilities for Global 2000 firms by enabling advanced and scalable features such as optimized self-service experiences, virtual and live agent interactions, and conversational analytics.

For more information, please visit www.3clogic.com.

1 Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2022 I CFI Group