Omantel Embraces Conversational AI from Spitch and Datalyticx to Improve Customer Experience and Efficiency

Omantel, the leading telecommunications provider in Oman, Spitch, the global leader in Conversational AI solutions, and Datalyticx, an Omani-based startup, will be launching a Virtual Assistant to ensure better customer service and boost efficiency in Omantel contact centres.

This strategic partnership to develop an Arabic speaking Omnichannel Virtual Agent is unique to the Omani and broader Middle East market.

Omantel and its customers will benefit from the Virtual Assistant’s ability to provide information and handle large volumes of customer calls automatically without having to wait on the line.

“Omantel is on a mission to provide unparalleled communication solutions and this partnership will enable our customers and employees to be on the forefront of Conversational AI and the benefits it provides”, notes Aladdin Abdullah Hassan Baitfadhil, Chief Commercial Officer at Omantel.

The Spitch omnichannel approach helps ensure that customers do not have to repeat their requests when switching from one channel to another. Flexibility has been built into the system, enabling customers to connect with an Omantel agent live at any time they want. Another value added is that information is always accurate thanks to an integration mechanism that enables the Virtual Assistant to communicate with Omantel’s backend systems in real time.

“Engaging with Omantel and Datalyticx on this strategic initiative will result in a better customer experience and greater flexibility in the contact centre thanks to automated handling of omnichannel interactions. Spitch is thrilled about this partnership”, comments Piergiorgio Vittori, International Managing Director at “The Middle East is a strategic market for Spitch, and we are honored to be part of such a great project”.

This solution also includes a quality check functionality delivered by Datalyticx. This Omani startup provides a SaaS integration platform to ensure greater accuracy in understanding both meaning and sentiment of customers’ interactions across all the channels. “We have developed AI models that are able to understand most of the Arabic dialects spoken throughout the MENA region, with particularly high accuracy in Omani dialects. We are delighted to partner with and jointly provide Omantel’s contact centre users with great customer experience improvements”, says Ahmed Al Balushi, CEO of Datalyticx.