Award Winners Show How Calabrio Analytics Powers Up Annual Savings and Revenue Growth

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, recently welcomed customers back to its Calabrio Customer Connect conference in Orlando, Florida (Sept. 26-29), after two years of virtual sessions.

The event celebrated companies charting the future of agent and customer engagement using Calabrio ONE through the annual Calabrio Analytics Competition and the ONE Awards.

Successes included: saving thousands of dollars by eliminating repeat calls, increasing call handling efficiencies leading to a growth in top-line revenue of $2.7 million annually, and identifying key phrases in calls indicating dissatisfaction – enabling mitigation steps, saving nearly $160k annually.

Winner: Saves thousands of dollars by eliminating 9,000 repeat calls and cutting cost per call

The overall Analytics Competition Winner was Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU). The organisation enjoyed substantial growth which triggered increased call volumes. This surge put stress on frontline and operational team members. To reduce repeat calls and shrink a climbing cost per call, ICCU used the full Calabrio ONE Suite to gain insight on the entire member journey. To identify potential root causes, phonetic phrases which indicated negative sentiment were identified. The ICCU team then compared the Net Promoter Scores as well as the manual and predictive quality scores to develop an improvement action plan. Calabrio Data Management was used to assess repeat calls and Calabrio’s AI-fuelled Phrase Optimizer helped eliminate anecdotal phrase suggestions by automatically making better proposals. Lastly, Calabrio Workforce Management indicated where more agent training was needed. The results are impressive, with ICCU set to save thousands of dollars this year by eliminating 9,000 repeat calls and halting the rising cost per call. Now they can identify high-effort calls, decrease the number of agents required to handle calls, repurpose agents to other queues and offer more training to elevate agent satisfaction and lower attrition.

Joint runner-up: Implements self-service, updates knowledge base and adds agent coaching to increase topline revenue

Joint runner-up was Peckham, a not-for-profit vocational rehabilitation organisation providing job training opportunities for persons with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment. The COVID pandemic saw call surges from their clients, resulting in long wait times that frustrated callers and agents alike. Peckham leveraged the power of Calabrio Analytics and uncovered calls with long pauses. To remedy this and improve talk times, new IVR messages were implemented; the knowledge base updated, additional coaching given, FAQs added to help agents, and processes streamlined. Agents now have the information they need to handle an extra number of calls per hour, leading to an increase in top-line revenue of $2.7 million annually.

Joint runner-up: Identifies the root cause of connectivity issues and saves nearly $160K annually

With the shift to a remote workforce, Cummins, a large technology company and the other joint runner-up, experienced an uptick in phone connectivity issues, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and causing agent irritation. Leaders needed to identify these precise points of disconnect and uncover the root causes. Using Calabrio Analytics, Cummins identified phrases indicating disconnects and confirmed these disconnection points within Calabrio Desktop Analytics. Four main issues came to the surface: VPN, laptop, internet connection, and the advocate login/out process. This provided the insights to mitigate these connection risks, saving nearly $160K annually.

Now in its fourth year, the analytics competition showcases companies which leverage the power of Calabrio Analytics to unearth new customer and employee insights. Winners share $100,000 in prize money to use for their contact centre initiatives.

To learn how these customers are using analytics to achieve success, savings and revenue watch the on-demand conference presentation.

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