Xembly Raises $15M Series A, Reimagines Workplace Productivity with Conversational AI

Xembly, the AI chief of staff for knowledge workers, announced a $15 million Series A funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners, joined by existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ascend, Seven Peaks Ventures, and new investor Flex Capital.

The Series A funding comes within a year of the company’s Seed round, bringing its total capital raised to $20 million.

Xembly will use the capital to augment its natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, and expand its customer footprint.

Xembly has reimagined workplace productivity with conversational AI. The product leverages advanced natural language processing to harness the productivity of an executive assistant or chief of staff, expertly detecting the intention behind conversations in meetings, Slack and email to automate tedious tasks – like scheduling, meeting notes, action item management, to-do lists, meeting feedback, and schedule optimization.

“Employers and employees alike are being asked to do more with less, yet solutions to support them are antiquated and incapable of smartly automating tasks that eliminate work and drive meaningful improvement,” said Pete Christothoulou, founder and CEO of Xembly. “AI advances in natural language processing and machine learning allow Xembly to deliver a new interaction model that finally frees the world’s knowledge workers of time-consuming tasks so they can get real work done.”

A hallmark feature for Xembly users is meeting summaries. After a meeting, Xembly sends the host an accurate, AI-generated summary with action items they can immediately share with attendees, just as a chief of staff in the room would – no need to decode a transcript. Its conversational assistant reminds users to accomplish a task or schedule a meeting in follow up, or prompt users to block time on their calendar to work on a task discussed.

“Xembly has been a game changer for us. Its natural language capabilities makes Xembly truly feel like a member of our team – and a powerful one at that. The meeting notes are 100x more useful than a meeting transcript and tracking action items is keeping us more organized and accountable. Each new feature Xembly rolls out helps us move faster, manage complexity and drive accountability,” said Juliet Horton, Chief of Staff, Product & Engineering at Convoy.

Xembly was founded on the insight that worklife is not improving and task work is increasing. According to a recent Xembly survey, 56 percent of employees believe their work week is unproductive; they spend 10+ hours weekly on mundane, repetitive tasks; and over two-thirds are looking to change jobs.

“Xembly is fundamentally improving the way we work,” said Priti Youssef Choksi, partner at Norwest Venture Partners. “Employers are juggling economic uncertainty, evolving remote-working norms, and an ultra competitive labour market. Doing more with less is on every employer’s mind, and ensuring their most important asset – employees – lead more productive, impactful work lives, has never been more important.”

“AI is rapidly changing and improving the way we work and play. The Xembly team has brought a suite of products to the workplace that make our lives better,” said Arif Janmohamed, Partner at Lightspeed. “We’ve been thrilled to partner with Pete and the team since leading their seed round, and double down on their Series A to help them bring CEO-level support to knowledge workers everywhere.”

New users and teams can sign-up to join Xembly’s waitlist here.

About Xembly.

Xembly is an AI chief of staff for knowledge workers. Xembly handles the tasks that slow down and frustrate workers, including taking meeting notes, tracking action items, setting to-do’s, scheduling meetings, and optimizing schedules, all of which can happen automatically so that workers and teams can focus on higher-value work and make every day more meaningful.

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