Wish Enters Partnership with eDesk, Further Bolstering Customer Service Capabilities

ContextLogic Inc. (d/b/a “Wish”), one of the world’s largest mobile ecommerce platforms, announced a partnership with eDesk, the ecommerce customer support platform, aimed to empower Wish merchants with more resources and tools to provide excellent customer support experiences.

Through this partnership, all Wish merchants across the US and Europe will be able to view and service customer inquiries from Wish and many other major ecommerce platforms, all within their one eDesk account. Through the partnership, Wish aims to improve customer support response times and generate greater operating efficiencies.

“A positive after-sales experience for our consumers is critical to a great customer experience, which is why we’re thrilled that our merchants can now access eDesk’s tech and support capabilities,” said Sarah Luo, VP of Merchant Operations. “The team at eDesk have a deep understanding of the complex world of cross-border ecommerce and it is very clear that they have created a valuable tool for marketplace merchants.”

eDesk consolidates customer requests from all marketplaces, webstores, social and support channels into a single shared system, making customer support easier to manage. Wish merchants can use eDesk to prioritize customer service requests by query type (cancellations, returns or product questions) and customer support service targets, allowing them to effortlessly scale their sales reach and provide excellent, simplified customer experiences.

“Wish has been a powerful partner for eDesk. The partnership has provided a great opportunity for our existing and new customers to leverage a new sales channel, yet centralizing and automating all their customer queries in eDesk. It means more sales opportunities for our clients, more value for eDesk and growth possibilities for everyone, including Wish,” said Mats Forsgren, VP of Operations at eDesk.

Pertemba, a Wish merchant, has already found success since using eDesk ’s centralized customer support solution. eDesk enables Pertemba’s team of support agents to consolidate requests from across all of its sales channels into one place. eDesk’s integration with other major marketplaces also allows them to effortlessly extend their sales channels without introducing more complexity into their support model.

About Wish:

Wish brings an affordable and entertaining shopping experience to millions of consumers around the world. Since our founding in San Francisco in 2010, we have become one of the largest global ecommerce platforms, connecting millions of value-conscious consumers to hundreds of thousands of merchants globally. Wish combines technology and data science capabilities and an innovative discovery-based mobile shopping experience to create a highly-visual, entertaining, and personalized shopping experience for its users.

For more information about the company or to download the Wish mobile app, visit www.wish.com

About eDesk:

eDesk is the professional customer support platform for businesses serious about eCommerce. Entirely eCommerce focused, eDesk helps online retailers to deliver seriously extraordinary customer service, everywhere they sell.

eDesk’s suite of award-winning AI-powered eCommerce tools improve productivity, profitability and reputation through automation, commercial insight, and competitive benchmarking.

eDesk integrates seamlessly with more marketplace, webstore, communications, social media and logistics channels than any other customer support software provider, so eCommerce brands can respond to customer queries quicker and focus on selling more to realise their growth potential.

eDesk is the only customer support solution provider on the Amazon and Walmart development councils, and counts Google, eBay, Shopify amongst key strategic partners.

The company is trusted by thousands of customers around the world and powers over 14 million conversations every month, resulting in billions of dollars of eCommerce transactions every year.

Website: www.edesk.com