Duo World Inc. Launches DialDesk, a Cloud-based Contact Center

Duo World Inc., announced the launch of its cloud-based contact centre, DialDesk, a product designed to autoscale and handle omni-channel communication, including voice, chats, social media feeds, and integrations to many third party applications.

DialDesk is a subsidiary company of Duo World Inc., catering to the basic requirements of a contact centre at a fraction of the cost, while ensuring a great user experience and scalability. With the global cloud contact centre market booming as remote working and flexibility has become the new normal, businesses are currently looking at cutting costs with effective cloud solutions; meeting these requirements, DialDesk provides the perfect solution sought by every business.

With DialDesk being a SaaS product, users would require very minimum training to get onboard and use the application; whether they may be new users or migrating from their existing systems, the product offers a friendly user interface with simple drag and drop UI for IVR/Call flow designing. DialDesk has been architected using the latest cloud technologies to ensure scalability and high availability, while enabling integration with leading 3rd party applications to provide a seamless experience to the user with improved workflow and productivity.

DialDesk will initially target only the Southeast Asia Region by adopting a market penetration strategy for its growth by launching a scaled down version with limited features at a very low subscription fee. However, the product is set to introduce more features within the next 12 months to increase its customers’ LTV (Lifetime value).

Mr. Ajeewan Aru, CEO of DialDesk, stated, “DialDesk will ensure the accessibility of the contact center software for small and medium enterprises with its low entry cost and pay-as-you-go subscription plans. To ensure the high availability of the system and scalability, DialDesk has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its infrastructure provider.

“Our focus is to listen to our customers’ feedback and continuously evolve the product to meet the ever-growing needs of multiple industries. Our product roadmap has got some interesting and innovative features that would place DialDesk ahead of the competition in the future.”

About Duo World Inc.

Duo World Inc., having its headquarters in Nevada, United States, and its software development centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has been catering to the companies in the space of Customer Life Cycle Management, Customer Care, Contact Center solutions. Driven by innovation, Duo World Inc. has favoured the enterprises in many ways, including efficiency, cost reduction, revenue optimization and continuous value addition to their product or service offerings.

Duo World Inc.’s CEO, Mr. Muhunthan Canagasooryam, said “A long awaited release of the cloud based contact center has now become a reality for Duo World with the launch of DialDesk cloud based contact centre. The market offering will now enable Duo to provide its customers with a comprehensive hybrid cloud service offering. Today, with many customers having its workforce operating from different venues including home based working, it was necessary to facilitate an easy to use and low cost contact centre on a subscription service for customers across the globe. With DialDesk, customers can now benefit from features and functionality which will enhance customer service experience to an all new height.”

Learn more about Duo World at www.duoworld.com