Leading Conversational AI vendor Volume rebrands to reflect growing AI SaaS portfolio

Leading developer of Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions Volume announces its new brand for the new decade.

The new brand, visual identity and mantra; ‘Look Forward’ have been launched to better position Volume, as a leader in its facet of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over the last three years, Volume has invested heavily in reskilling its people to create the new competencies required to bring Conversational Platforms to market. The company has also developed two in-market AI middleware SaaS products.
‘Big Brian chatbot’ is a pre-built NLP-based conversational platform that is optimised for use with an organisation’s preferred Cloud Services Provider and is compatible with Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS, Microsoft QnA Maker, Rasa and Wit.ai.

‘QBox’ is a first-to-market SaaS product that helps chatbot developers to scale their NLP data models with a high degree of speed and accuracy by showing the impact of making a change or addition to the training data.

Volume Founder and CEO states, ‘Volume has changed dramatically over the past three years. Our guiding principles, values and culture remain the same but our competencies and capabilities (new skills) have catapulted us into a new world with new customers and value-add services to match.

Our mantra ‘Look Forward’ is the driver behind our culture – we ‘Look Forward’ to the future and we ‘Look Forward’ to working with great people, on great projects for great customers. The new ‘smile’ icon symbolises the experience we share with and deliver to our customers and reflects our inclusive culture. We have extinguished the colour red and replaced it with four gender-neutral pastel tones that are light, fresh and modern. They are interchangeable to reflect our diversity and shift to this next decade’s emerging technologies.’

Volume specializes in the development, deployment and management of chatbot and conversational AI to disrupt how businesses approach process automation. The company’s IP and products extend beyond conventional virtual assistants to smart conversational bots that can handle specific business tasks and user journeys to provide better user experiences. Volume utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technologies to simulate human conversations, perform automated business tasks, and become smarter through learning from the environment and continual interactions.