Stroitelny Dvor Migrates From Avaya To Noda Contact Center Platform

Stroitelny Dvor, one of the largest Russian DIY retailers, has completed the overhaul of its geographically distributed contact centre. Within the project, the retailer’s contact centre migrated from Avaya platform to a Russian solution, Noda Contact Center, which enabled the company to automate the work of its contact centre facilities in Tumen and Tomsk and boost the system’s fault tolerance under peak loads.

The aggregate capacity of the Stroitely Dvor contact centre is 90 agent workstations. The implemented cloud-based NODA solution has been integrated with the SAP ERP system.

The contact center runs separate lines of communication for individual clients and companies, as well as customer claims and general queries concerning product availability, working hours, etc. Calls are distributed across the lines by the IVR with the help of intelligent routing. For instance, when the caller asks for delivery services, the IVR puts the call through to a manager or a delivery driver. The order number, the client’s phone number, and the driver’s phone number are all linked within the system, so the call can be routed to the driver’s phone directly, which reduces the workload of the contact centre agents.

The system includes a service quality post-evaluation option: after the call has been completed, the client can rate the agent’s performance in IVR. If the client skips the evaluation part, the system makes an automated call-back the following day, asking the client to rate the service. In outbound calling campaigns employing live agents, ready-made agent scripts are used.

Besides, Noda Quality Management module used to assess the agents’ performance quality can be set to filter call recordings automatically and send the selected samples to supervisors or quality control specialists for review.

“Within the previous solution, there was a limit to the number of simultaneous inbound calls, ” says Evgeniy Demchenko, Contact Center Project Manager at Stroitelny Dvor. “Peak load periods used to mean a high rate of lost calls and communication quality could also suffer significantly. Besides, we experienced technical problems with linking up remote agents. With Noda Contact Center, all these problems are a thing of the past. “