UJET Unveils Next-Generation Virtual Agent for Less Robotic Interactions

UJET, the ultra-modern cloud contact centre platform for customer-centric enterprises, announced the general availability of its Virtual Agent, a new solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and UJET’s highly sophisticated next-generation customer experience platform.

Unlike other virtual solutions that are optimized to offload agents, the UJET Virtual Agent is designed to truly improve the customer experience.

With UJET’s Virtual Agent, businesses can leverage prior interactions to deliver personalized and effective assistance via a natural interaction while improving customer satisfaction and enhancing contact centre efficiencies.

Businesses are steadily turning to conversational AI solutions as a means to improve customer experience, provide 24/7 customer service, personalize interactions, and intelligently manage their contact centre operations, including measuring start-to-finish resolutions or agent deflections. According to Gartner’s Predicts 2019: CRM Customer Service and Support, by 2025, customer service organizations that deploy AI in their customer engagement centre platforms will increase their operational efficiency by 25%. While a recent study from UJET and Canam Research found that 50% of customer service professionals surveyed said they are planning on implementing a chatbot into their contact centre within the next 12 months, and that contact centre professionals are predominately looking to leverage AI to reduce repetitive tasks (48%), improve customer experience (CX) (46%), and lower costs (40%).

“The adoption of intelligence, automation, and self-service capabilities are fueling the evolution of the contact centre and customer service. Yet while the positive impacts of intelligence and automation have been felt by contact centre agents, the digital experience for customers is still largely fragmented,” said Omer Minkara, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Contact Center and Customer Experience Management, Aberdeen. “With functionality such as intelligent routing and the ability to add multiple specialized Virtual Agents, UJET takes a flexible and modern approach to transforming customer experiences, streamlining operations, and ensuring that companies can get the most out of their virtual agents.”

The UJET Virtual Agent provides proactive start-to-finish conversational AI support aimed at gathering intent, processing the situation, and either resolving the issues automatically or handing off to an agent. With an emphasis on empowering both customers and contact centre operations through next-generation virtual assistance and conversational AI, some of the key aspects of UJET’s Virtual Agent include:

  • Creation of Generalists or Specialized Virtual Agents: As an optional configuration, contact centre leaders can add multiple Virtual Agents to the support experience, creating the flexibility needed for faster and more accurate virtual conversations, less maintenance, and more effective Virtual Agents. Configure Virtual Agents for more general interactions or finely tune them to handle specific responsibilities.
  • Intelligent Routing: UJET’s intelligent routing engine is the first of its kind. Real-time and historical data can dynamically inform routing decisions to either a virtual or human agent based on the customer record, their journey, or predicted intent. If the Virtual Agent decides at any time to introduce a human agent, the agent is presented with this full context and a high-level summary of the customer journey, for a seamless handoff, more personalized service, and quicker resolution.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Read, decipher, and understand the intent of the customer and the issue at hand through modern, human-like interactions. Leverage context and sentiment to intelligently resolve issues or escalate to the appropriate queue.

“Two significant trends impacting the digital transformation of customer service are the rising adoption of conversational AI and the generational shift towards digital and mobile native consumers. We see these tools not only as a way to optimize operational efficiencies, but also to modernize customer communications,” said Anand Janefalkar, Founder & CEO, UJET. “UJET’s Virtual Agent showcases our customer-centric approach to delivering cutting-edge innovation that not only delivers a better bottom line for the contact centre but does so by providing more natural, less robotic experiences for their customers.”

To learn more about UJET’s Virtual Agent and to request a personalized demo visit https://www.ujet.co/virtual-agent

*Gartner, Predicts 2019: CRM Customer Service and Support, December 2018.

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