Sitel Group® Recognized in Information Services Group’s Annual Provider Lens™ Contact Center – Customer Experience Services Reports

Sitel Group®, a global leader in end-to-end customer experience (CX) products and solutions, announced it was recognized as a leader in both the Information Services Group (ISG) Provider Lens™ Contact Center – Customer Experience Services Archetype Report and global report.

The Archetype Report measured the capabilities of 21 contact centre service providers and their abilities to address the requirements of three typical, frequently encountered archetypes of enterprise buyers (i.e., Automation Embracers, Digital Connoisseurs and CX Evangelists.). The global report serves as the basis for important decision-making pertaining to positioning, key relationships and go-to-market considerations. For this reason, the report is comprised of two quadrants: Digital Operations and AI & Analytics.

“We are honoured to be recognized by ISG as the leading provider for automation, digital and CX services,” said Laurent Uberti, President, CEO and founding partner at Sitel Group. “One of our top priorities at Sitel Group is to improve customer experience through innovation, which is why we recently launched EXP+™, our Enterprise Experience Platform, to offer integrated and vertical-specific solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs, including automation, data-driven insights and CX consulting. To not only be recognized, but to be the only service provider to be named a leader in all three archetypes, with a perfect score in each, is especially rewarding.”

Sitel Group is the only service provider to be named a leader in all three archetypes with four out of four scores in each category.

Automation Embracers – With EXP+™ Evolve’s contact centre automation, Sitel Group is bringing automation to life by enabling agents to do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively while improving quality assurance, e.g., Sitel Quality Assurance Automation. Further, Sitel Group has a proven track record of leveraging its global partner ecosystem to bring advanced digital solutions to its clients. In fact, Sitel Group was the only provider in this archetype to score four out of four.

Digital Connoisseurs – Sitel Group’s overall product and capability platform, EXP+™, offers integrated and vertical solutions, with cross-functional experts, to its clients. This unified CX platform includes AI, digital, self-service and automation solutions across a customer digital journey through solutions such as Sitel Digital Agent and Sitel Interaction Analytics.

CX Evangelists – As the only provider scoring four out of four in this category, Sitel Group stands apart from other providers with its use of advanced analytics to drive more empathetic and meaningful conversations that, in turn, have a positive impact on CX. Sitel Group’s robust analytics capabilities, within the EXP+ Evolve family, focus on data modelling and data visualization, such as Sitel Process Optimization Consulting. The group’s case studies demonstrate a variety of services delivered and also show strong usage of advanced digital technologies to create an impact on CX.

Additionally, Sitel Group was recognized as a leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center – Customer Experience Services global report in both AI & Analytics and Digital Operations.

AI & Analytics – As one of the leading players in the contact centre industry, Sitel Group has demonstrated an effective usage of automation and analytics to drive more meaningful and empathy driven conversations, thus improving the overall customer experience.

Digital Operations – Sitel Group’s best practices, strengths and experience of over 35 years in delivering services to a diverse portfolio of clients globally make it an established contact centre provider. With plans to grow organically as part of its ongoing M&A strategy and a focus on delivering end-to-end solutions through EXP+ for brands regardless of their business maturity, the group has been suitably positioned as a global contact centre outsourcing leader.

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