Ada Revolutionizes Customer Experience; Helps Leading Brands Provide Valuable Automated Experiences At Scale

Ada, the leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), announced its biggest launch to date and introduces Ada Engage. The company is revolutionizing how businesses deliver valuable interactions across every stage of the customer journey. Until now, departmental silos have hindered organizations’ ability to put the customer first.

With Ada Engage, businesses are now able to automate even more interactions from lead capture to acquisition and through to retention and up-sell, all within one platform.

In 2020 alone, Ada automated more than 1.5 billion customer interactions for hundreds of category leaders across the globe, including Zoom, Facebook, and Square. With the introduction of Ada Engage to its suite of solutions, Ada is now able to take the results it has delivered for customer support teams, and extend them across the full customer experience.

Many organizations struggle to fully understand their customers, and executives have stated that organizational silos, and fragmented customer data are hurting overall customer experience initiatives. This is a challenge Ada is helping clients to overcome. No longer do companies have to reconcile customer interests with internal departmental interests—Ada brings them into alignment.

“Relationships between brands and customers have changed forever, and digital-first companies are breaking down traditional CX silos,” said Mike Murchison, CEO and co-founder, Ada. “Ada Engage reflects the interests of our most savvy clients. They understand that the same person who visits your website searching for information can become your customer a moment later, asking for support. They are using Ada to aggregate data and stitch together that journey, so they can engage with customers more meaningfully.”

Building off their proven automation-first approach, Ada further champions that human customer service agents should instead focus on the most complex and highest value activities. With automation taking the bulk of requests, live agents and sales representatives get a boost in productivity because they are armed with relevant customer and prospect information, improving the customer experience.

Why wait for your customers to start the conversation?

85% of customers are interested in receiving proactive notifications from companies. They are craving more interaction. However, this measure of engagement is difficult to achieve at scale, without increasing costs or compromising quality. Using proactive messaging in Ada Engage, brands can make the first move and ensure interactions are personalized and meaningful.

Additional features include:

  • No-code proactive personalized calls-to-action to drive engagement and conversion
  • Data enrichment to identify anonymous web visitors and tailor their experience
  • Smart lead creation, qualification, and sales routing
  • Revenue analytics to measure Ada’s impact

Ada Engage and Ada Support are powered by world-class conversational AI enabling businesses to drive loyalty, activation, and revenue.

“Ada is the great unifier of our customer experience from customer acquisition, to in-product activation, retention, and product feedback. Every team at LiteBit is working together on our automated customer experience strategy, and our customers benefit the most from our proactive, personalized approach.” Bas Lucieer, Lead ACX at LiteBit

About Ada

As the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), Ada is the only conversational AI platform purpose-built to support a scalable, automation-first customer experience strategy.

By diminishing dependence on IT and uncovering new opportunities for revenue, Ada’s automation is designed to transform reactive CX models to proactive, personalized profit generators. A global company, Ada’s automation and AI enables clients around the world, like TELUS, AirAsia, and Zoom to increase valuable interactions across the entire customer journey and empower CX professionals to succeed.