NICE Launches Enlighten XO to Transform Self-Service Interactions into Engaging Experiences

NICE announced the launch of Enlighten XO, a first-of-its-kind solution that automatically generates insights from human conversations to build smart self-service with advanced AI. Enlighten XO turns self-service interactions into engaging experiences.

Additionally, Enlighten XO streamlines the development of digital self-service applications by injecting data from past interactions to optimize future self-service experiences.

With Enlighten XO, organisations can now take a data-driven, self-learning, empirical approach to increase self-service effectiveness and drive exceptional experiences.

Today, organisations are shifting more business to digital interactions as they race to keep up with skyrocketing self-service expectations. In Forrester’s publication, “Predictions 2021, Customer Service,” the analysts reported, “Customer behaviours and communication preferences have permanently shifted; in 2021, brands will see a 40% increase in digital customer service.” In today’s digital-first world, organisations need to deliver an effortless experience on the consumer’s channel of choice to compete in a transformative industry.

NICE extends its unrivalled AI capabilities with the launch of Enlighten XO to help organisations create smart self-service experiences. The new solution, available today, analyses 100% of interactions from any platform to discover the best opportunities for automation. Enlighten XO takes the guesswork out of self-service development with purpose-built AI models that identify customer intents, training phrases, and problem-solving activities that ensure success. Armed with superior data and insights, organisations can accelerate their digital transformation and turn self-service into a competitive advantage.

“Soaring demand for digital service is driving organisations to accelerate their digital CX transformation and drive full resolution on their digital platforms,” said Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group. “Enlighten XO makes self-service applications smarter by deriving intelligence from consumer conversations across all channels. We’re excited to introduce Enlighten XO to the market and make self-service capable of creating engaging experiences.”

About NICE

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