Qualtrics Launches EX25, Modernizing the Approach to Managing the Employee Experience

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, is launching EX25, a new framework designed to help employers regularly listen to their employees, featuring 25 key drivers that impact every employees’ workplace experience.

EX25 is built into Qualtrics EmployeeXM™, the leading product for employee experience management, and it helps employers adapt to the evolving needs and priorities of their employees and take action to improve employee engagement and retention.

COVID-19 has completely changed how we work, and many employees are revisiting their priorities and expectations. In fact, in the midst of millions of workers quitting during the “Great Resignation,” nearly half (44 percent) of all U.S. employees plan to look for a job in the next year. To retain and engage their employees, employers need to adjust their approach to employee experience to account for employees’ evolving needs and priorities.

Measuring employee sentiment and engagement only on an annual basis, as employers traditionally have, is no longer sufficient. In order for employers to attract and retain great talent in today’s landscape, they must increase the frequency at which they gather and respond to feedback from their employees. They must also do so in a way that is realistic and actionable.

“Employees want to know they are being heard, and employers will lose the war for talent if they don’t continuously listen and respond to employee feedback,” said Jay Choi, Qualtrics chief product officer. “EX25 is backed by a proven, science-based methodology that takes the guesswork out of what questions to ask employees, when to ask them and how to take action to show them you care about their experiences at work.”

Qualtrics’ in-house team of organizational psychologists identified 25 key drivers of every employee’s experience at work—such as work-life balance, collaboration—aligned to the five pillars, or key performance indicators (KPIs), of the employee experience:

  • Engagement
  • Experience vs Expectations
  • Intent to Stay
  • Inclusion
  • Well-Being

By delivering a standard framework to measure the employee experience, EX25 gives employers confidence to make more informed decisions about what will keep their employees satisfied at work and attract top talent. Employers can also customize this framework to determine how often they need to ask employees for their feedback.

EX25 includes:

  • Program design guide that helps employers pulse their employees at the right cadence for them, so they can take action on feedback throughout the year
  • Set of scientifically validated questions for each employee experience KPI and experience driver
  • Dashboard templates with analysed employee feedback data for managers and leaders to understand the top drivers of employee engagement across their teams and take action on improving those areas
  • Benchmarks that illustrate how companies’ employee experience KPIs compare to others in the same industry and
  • Expert-designed action guidance that helps managers to meaningfully improve on each experience driver.


EX25 will be generally available in Q4 2021.

About Qualtrics

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