Alvaria Announces New CX and WEM Technology Solutions Scaled for the Enterprise

Alvaria, Inc, releases two feature-rich application suites for their enterprise contact centre portfolio, the Alvaria Customer Experience (CX) Suite and the Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Suite.

These new solutions are designed to empower enterprise organizations to make the most of every customer and employee interaction and deliver world-class experiences.

Announced on stage at the Alvaria Customer Experience (ACE) Event, Michael Harris, Chief Product Officer and CMO said, “Today, we are combining the best technology from our recent acquisitions to deliver a new world-class suite of CX and WEM solutions that help our customers build and nurture a customer experience that drives lifetime loyalty among their consumers.”

The Alvaria CX Suite turns your customer experience into a competitive advantage with, advanced voice and omnichannel capabilities, compliant outreach, sophisticated IVR, natural language understanding (NLU), self-service, customer insights and analytics.

The Alvaria WEM Suite is a powerful set of solutions uniquely designed to optimize the employee experience at enterprise contact centers, while delivering insights that enable organizations to assess and improve business performance. The WEM Suite includes workforce management, quality, performance and workforce insights, as well as game mechanics through the new Alvaria™ Motivate product.

According to Alvaria Chief Technology Officer, David Funck, “The great thing about Motivate is the psychology of it and the way that it engages your employees and makes them happier, healthier and more productive.”

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