Doxim Launches Integrated Video Solution for the Doxim Customer Communications Management Platform

Doxim, the leading customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, announced the expansion of its enterprise-grade CCM platform digital engagement capabilities with the addition of Doxim CCM Interactive Video.

Seamlessly integrated into the broader Doxim CCM platform, Doxim CCM Interactive Video will allow clients to provide personalized digital customer experiences, such as interactive statements, bills, policies, or reports, that offer visual engagement and real-time interactivity.

Interactive video content provides the ‘personal touch’ needed to simplify complex information and drive increased satisfaction, engagement, and revenue across the customer journey – from onboarding to financial statements and reporting, to mortgage or policy renewals. Its real-time interactivity can supplement an organization’s service team, reducing the cost-per-sale and allowing customers to better understand their statements, explore their purchase options or coverage, and select products on their own terms.

“Doxim clients are looking for ways to provide personalized and engaging digital experiences that can simplify complex information, motivate customers to explore upselling options, and drive conversions and revenue. Doxim CCM Interactive Video will give them an innovative and scalable method to engage their customers, through data-driven video experiences,” said SVP Product Management, Olga Zakharenkava. “Doxim CCM Interactive Video will offer our clients’ customers the information they need to analyze their financial statements or evaluate new products and services at their convenience, without increasing operational costs or staffing requirements.”

Doxim has partnered with industry-proven partner, BlueRush, to integrate its interactive personalized video (IPV) platform with Doxim CCM. “Doxim is a great partner for BlueRush,” said Steve Taylor, CEO, BlueRush. “Doxim has a commitment to bringing high value and innovative solutions to their customers and we are excited to help with their mission to turn statements and notifications into compelling customer experiences that drive results.”

About Doxim

Doxim is the customer communications management and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document and payment solutions that transform experiences to strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. The Doxim Platform helps clients communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications and easy-to-use payment processes. The platform addresses key digitization, operational efficiency, and customer experience challenges through our suite of plug-and-play, integrated, SaaS software and technology solutions.

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About BlueRush

BlueRush, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a leading SaaS company providing interactive and personalized solutions that focus on capturing and maintaining customer engagement. BlueRush develops and markets IndiVideo™, an award-winning interactive personalized video platform that drives return on investment throughout the customer lifecycle, from increased conversions to more engaging statements and customer care. IndiVideo enables BlueRush clients to capture knowledge and data from their customers’ video interaction, creating new and compelling data driven customer insights.

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