Evolve IP and Dubber Announce Partnership to Provide Unified Call Recording and Voice Intelligence Services

Evolve IP®, a leading international service provider of Work Anywhere™ solutions, announced that it has partnered with Dubber, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based conversational recording and AI.

The powerful combination of Dubber and Evolve IP enables enterprises to analyze data points across conversations, capture critical attributes of calls, videos, and messages, and improve customer and employee interactions—all in a simplified, automated, and compliant manner.

The Dubber platform will enable a unified recording and analytics solution across Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Evolve IP enterprise voice services. Many existing Evolve IP customers with Call Recording solutions will be upgraded to Dubber early next year.

“The average business is using 3.5 different collaboration solutions and most expect users to continue to work away from the office the majority of the time. Gaining insights into critical work conversations occurring out of the office on a variety of platforms is becoming vital for businesses as we adjust to a ‘Work Anywhere’ future,” said Scott Kinka, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Evolve IP. “By 2025 Gartner estimates 75% of all calls will be recorded. By natively integrating Dubber’s solution into Evolve IP’s critical infrastructure, we can extend call recording to every endpoint, unlocking the possibility of AI on every phone and meeting the demand for unified conversational recording.”

Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber, said “Evolve IP is an obvious partner for us as their pace of innovation will support our continued growth as we look to meet the growing demand for natively integrated voice solutions that support a remote workforce. We are looking forward to collaborating with such an ambitious partner that has such a strong reputation and footprint in their markets.”

Provisioned with a click, Dubber’s Unified Conversational Recording platform enables voice data to be generated from every conversation and delivered to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud where AI creates insights, intelligence, beautiful transcriptions and more. From a phone or the web, users will be able to securely:

  • Record – As needed and automatically capture conversations without costly hardware or storage.
  • Replay – Compliantly store and control replay of recordings without limits. View transcriptions. Search conversations in seconds.
  • Reveal – AI-powered analysis reveals critical insights to businesses. From sentiment analytics, keyword trends, to notifications and more. All from one platform that connects to company data, applications, and dashboards.

By adding the reliability of Dubber’s unified conversational recording and voice AI to Evolve IP’s enterprise voice solutions, customers who are already fully invested in the world’s leading UC solutions can take advantage of immediately accessible and infinitely scalable conversational recording and intelligence:

  • Cloud & Native – Dubber is natively integrated, simplifying deployment with total compliance and security.
  • Individual & Confidential Call Recording – Designed for individuals, replaying any conversation, video, or chat is a click away.
  • Unified Recording – Unified call recordings, video, and data with AI-enriched transcriptions, alerts, elastic search, and more.
  • Integrated and Integrateable – Dubber API connects voice data to critical applications – like Salesforce, big data sets, and dashboards.

Visit https://www.evolveip.net/

Visit https://www.dubber.net/