CommBox and Voicenter Collaborate to Provide Call Centres with Exceptional Customer Communication Solutions

CommBox and Voicenter have announced a unique collaboration to transform the customer communication industry. CommBox, the innovative omnichannel customer communication platform, and Voicenter, the cloud-based VoIP Call Center service provider, collaborate to upgrade phone and digital communication for Call Centers.

By using CommBox combined with the Voicenter solution, sales and support Call Centers provide their consumers with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options and digital communication across any digital channel they prefer, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, and more.

With CommBox and Voicenter, sales teams and customer service providers can automatically connect their WhatsApp channel to IVR and send personalized messages. Additionally, a user can customize notifications on WA templates and send them automatically to end consumers based on their needs (sales, service, IT support, etc.).

“We are excited about this important collaboration between CommBox and Voicenter. Together, we can enable service providers to transform their Call Centers to digital while keeping their live representatives available on the phone for complex tasks,” say Eli Israelov and Yaniv Hakim, co-founders and CEOs at CommBox. “We help companies deliver an exceptional customer experience by being available around the clock and providing personalised service across channels while automating work processes and repetitive tasks.”

Founded in 2013, CommBox provides AI-based communication and automation solutions to support digital transformation for service and sales teams. The company offers smart chatbots and a unified inbox that enables companies to contact customers conveniently in any communication channel they prefer, including email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Video, Voice channels, Social media, etc.

The CommBox technology gives both the customer and the agents complete control over the service process, saving frustrating waiting times, and eliminating repetitive tasks. CommBox is embedded in over 300 companies and enterprises worldwide, serving approximately 50 million end consumers.

Voicenter Quote: “Connecting to Voicenter combined with CommBox is a game-changer for any service provider”, says Eran Emergy, VP Marketing at Voicenter “With our solution, companies can offer their customers personal care over the phone when they need it while communicating with other customers via messages. The best thing about our solution is that connecting to Voicenter and CommBox is easy and fully automatic, as required in this fast-paced, ‘dynamic world’.”

About CommBox

Founded in 2013, CommBox revolutionizes customer communication with its AI-powered omnichannel solution. Using the CommBox platform, companies and enterprises can provide a unified customer experience at the highest level while managing all customer interaction across all channels (website chatbots, messaging, emails, social media, etc.) in one smart inbox.


About Voicenter

Voicenter specializes in cloud-based communication solutions for the business sector, which provide virtual telephony solutions for both organizations and Call Centers of any size in Israel and abroad in a monthly service model. In addition, Voicenter provides a variety of APIs for developers who want to integrate easily between the telephony and the organization information systems. The company’s clients include large business companies, telecommunications companies, some of the largest trading sites in Israel, government ministries, municipalities, and thousands of other business customers in Israel and abroad.