Phrasee Announces Real-Time Language Personalization and Insights to Automate the Way Brands Engage with Their Customers

Phrasee, the leader in brand language optimization, announced a breakthrough AI technology that enables brands to personalize the language each customer receives in real-time. The new capability will ensure each customer receives on-brand messaging that is most likely to resonate with their individual profiles, leading to increased engagement and revenue.

Phrasee’s language personalization will automatically create language with a sentiment that matches each customer’s preferences, based on their unique profile. Enterprise brands can:

  • Create fully automated, set-and-forget campaigns that generate, optimize and personalize the language that each customer receives
  • Watch in real-time as the optimization works its magic and finds the best fit messaging, increasing engagement and driving incremental revenue
  • Create the best possible customer experience as each message is delivered true to the brand’s tone of voice

“Creating personalized experiences for each customer has long been the goal of brand marketers, but until now, it has not been possible to automate. Every customer will react differently to the language used in marketing messages, so it is critical that brands respond to these needs and create messaging that resonates across all customer interactions,” said Matt Simmonds, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Phrasee. “Phrasee has solved this problem by combining its proprietary dynamic optimization technology with a unique language profile for each customer, built on first-party data.”

“End-to-end personalization is at the heart of our brand and marketing strategy. We’re laser-focused on serving up tailored and relevant messages and offers to customers, and ensuring they are joined up across touch-points and channels,” said Saul Lopes, Head of CRM, Personalization & Loyalty at Currys.

Lopes continues: “In Phrasee, we have a partner at the cutting edge of marketing technology, and it has always aligned closely with us around our technology roadmap and vision. Phrasee has generated and optimized on-brand marketing messages that have connected Currys with our customers in a meaningful way. This in turn has added millions in revenue to our business. With its real-time personalization capabilities, we can now generate personalized language on a 1:1 basis – another game-changer for our campaigns, our customers, and our partnership with Phrasee.”

As brands begin to take advantage of real-time language personalization, they also need insights into what is performing well and why. To support this goal, Phrasee is also announcing its new Language Insights suite that enables marketers to gain a deep understanding of what language resonates with their customers. Brands will be able to benefit from advanced data visualizations that uncover customer preferences on sentiment, diversity, and tone, including how individual words impact performance. These valuable insights can then be used across a brand’s whole marketing strategy to drive further increases in engagement.

“Customer engagement is essential for us at Walgreens as we continue to strive to be the leading partner in reimagining local healthcare and wellbeing for all,” said Brian Tyrrell, Senior Director, Customer Marketing Platforms, CRM, Walgreens. “By leveraging Phrasee, we are able to strike the right chord with the language we use in our email campaigns, based on feedback from our quarterly reports. We have seen this result in a 30 percent boost in engagement. Using Phrasee’s new automated insights feature in future campaigns will provide us with even more immediate feedback on language tone and sentiments that are resonating with customers, enabling us to maintain an authentic and consistent brand voice across all of our digital channels.”

About Phrasee

Phrasee® revolutionizes customer experiences by optimizing the language brands use across the full customer journey. Its AI-powered SaaS platform brings together natural language generation, machine learning and dynamic optimization, making Phrasee the only provider of its kind to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in real time. Phrasee boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value for the world’s leading B2C brands – including Domino’s, eBay, FARFETCH, Groupon, Party City and Walgreens – all while adhering to companies’ unique brand standards and voice. Today, over 1 billion people across four continents have responded to Phrasee-generated language.

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