Comm100 partners with Deltapath to offer complete omnichannel customer service platform

Comm100, leaders in digital omnichannel customer engagement, have announced a partnership with Deltapath, who specializes in innovative communication strategies, to incorporate voice into Comm100’s digital omnichannel platform.

The partnership will integrate Deltapath UC to the Comm100 platform to enable contact centres to provide a complete omnnichannel offering within one integrated platform.

This collaboration will set a new standard for customer service excellence, eliminating channel siloes and improving the customer experience.

The goal of this partnership is to offer:

  • A single platform for communication across all key channels that today’s customers want to engage on
  • The highest standard in security and privacy
  • A wealth of integrations and custom solutions including Salesforce and Dynamics 365 CRMs.
  • Expertise in digital CX to quantify your top 100 most valuable interactions with the tools to manage them alongside a promise of CX excellence that will drive ARR.

“We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to offer simplicity and efficiency with a platform that provides all communication channels – giving customers the opportunity to choose the channel that is best for them and right for the occasion. Combining our unified communications technology with Comm100 platform allows us to extend our capabilities with features like data analytics and AI-powered chatbot is a huge advantage for us.” David Liu, CEO and Founder, Deltapath.

The all-in-one platform will resolve significant business challenges in customer service including:

  • Enabling agents to serve both omnichannel and voice hotline with the same analytics and AI capabilities.
  • A single UI for agents to solve customer problems faster, with the ability to seamlessly move between all channels
  • Remove barriers customers face when communicating by digital messaging and voice
  • Quickly adapt to changing customer habits with custom solutions and open APIs
  • Meet the demands of digital transformation while effectively managing consumer data

“Our promise is to delight customers with a customer experience of excellence. Adding in the voice channel completes our platform and strengthens our white label offering. The market asked for excellence, and we responded by aligning ourselves with partners that will help us deliver on our promise.” Kevin Gao, CEO, Comm100

Overall, this partnership will deliver a solution that supports digital transformation requirements for customer service while improving customer satisfaction, lowering operational costs and increasing revenues.

About Comm100

Comm100 is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that enables established organizations in higher education, government, banking, healthcare and insurance to accelerate transformation to digital CX excellence by engaging with customers the right way across every channel. Easily shift between human and human-like AI-powered bots with our easy-to-use, feature-rich, proven platform (14 years and 500 million messages served). With an extensive partner network and a highly rated customer success team, Comm100’s frictionless, easy set-up, deployment and onboarding, accelerates your time to value.


About Deltapath

Deltapath is a Unified Communications provider that delivers communication and collaboration solutions to service providers and enterprises. Our mission is to liberate organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication by ensuring technologies work seamlessly together, so communication and collaboration are effortless with everyone, from your customers to your employees.