Conveyer Raises $14M in Funding for its Customer Engagement Platform

Conveyer, a customer engagement SaaS platform, closed a $14M round with funding from HearstLab and other leading investors. This round accelerates the company’s ability to invest in both key talent acquisition and sales & marketing initiatives.

Conveyer creates an inbound conversation and a trusted relationship with customers by digitizing complex product information in a flexible, self-service format.

Through this communication channel, Conveyer clients have found that their customers are able to self-serve service requests, gain targeted early access to additional, high-margin commerce opportunities, and communicate back with core client platforms.

Conveyer, a customer engagement platform, closed a $14M round with funding from HearstLab and other private investors.

Following a successful exit to Vector Solutions, a market leader in Learning Management Software, Carolyn Parent joins Conveyer as the President and Chief Executive Officer. The tech visionary notes, “My experience with Vector and HearstLab has made me realize that gaining the trust and mindshare of your customer is everything. It is the only way to build a brand, to sell, and to sustain a competitive vision. This is what Conveyer delivers and I am delighted to lead this next phase of growth.”

“As we looked at broader investment opportunities, as well as reflected upon the ability of Carolyn Parent, we recognized the tremendous opportunity which Conveyer presents in unlocking a next-generation digital marketplace. This is a proven team that has come back together for a second time. Conveyer has the full support of HearstLab and Hearst in this next phase,” said HearstLab Chairwoman and Hearst EVP & GC, Eve Burton.

With the company’s launch, Rob Soni, Chairman of the Board at Conveyer, highlights, “Conveyer’s first phase of growth was about capability development. Now that we have created a compelling tech stack which has proven the ability to drive trust, we know that Carolyn and her leadership team will lead us through our next growth phase.”

Conveyer will be presenting on its customer communication platform at the HearstLab Showcase on Tuesday, March 15th. The company will highlight its work with the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, the world’s largest gaming company, and the world’s largest connector company.

About Conveyer

Conveyer sets-up a natural inbound channel through product instruction manuals thereby creating the fastest path to additional revenue and increased consumer satisfaction. By dynamically unlocking a company’s manuals into a user-friendly mobile experience for its consumers and field technicians, a business can now introduce new products, add-ons and promotions and understand who is using their products and how to improve manuals and features at a low cost with very high, hard-dollar ROI.

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