Data Vault Holdings, Inc. Adds Zendesk Integration To Datavault® Platform To Bolster Customer Experience

Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, announces its new Zendesk integration which will provide additional support to Datavault’s customer service team with intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging software that utilizes the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

By working with customer service software company, Zendesk, Inc., Datavault® clients can offer around-the-clock support for a uniform, differentiated, and frictionless customer experience (CX). With this Zendesk integration, Datavault’s team has the support to succeed, as it offers robust, customized solutions that simplify the client onboarding process and beyond.

“Our team is excited to incorporate more tools that maximize sales efforts and customer support initiatives. Zendesk is an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with our platform and business goals,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc.

Data Vault Holdings, Inc. Adds Zendesk Integration To DatavaultⓇ Platform To Bolster Customer Experience

He also adds, “The success of Datavault® rests on customer satisfaction, and in cooperation with Zendesk, we will provide clients with accessible, data-backed solutions while simultaneously giving them the best-in-class tools to refine, visualize, and tokenize business and consumer data.”

Zendesk software accommodates Datavault’s diverse client base which includes businesses across finance, sports, entertainment, medical, transportation, commodities, franchise, religion, politics, gaming, social media, and waste management industries. To supplement Datavault’s expertly trained customer support team, Zendesk will provide localized, responsive solutions and reporting transparency. This association will also help Datavault® reinforce its baseline for effective results.

With Zendesk’s supplemental tools, the Datavault® customer service team can access its full potential, as well as that of the Sunshine platform. Zendesk software will allow teams to:

  • Provide support services from a single, unified support base
  • Develop accurate, customized answers using collaboration tools that access internal and external partners
  • Reduce data entry by collecting pertinent details leveraging built-in routing and intelligence
  • Produce real-time analytics to serve as business intelligence and refine business decisions

In optimizing the client customer experience with the Zendesk software integration, Datavault’s team now adds a new set of tools that help automate, scale, and grow the client base. The business can now cultivate richer customer relationships while providing turnkey data solutions for the valuation, visualization, and monetization of consumer and business data through the use of the patented, cloud-based Datavault® platform.