DISQO Acquires Feedback Loop

Customer experience platform DISQO announced the acquisition of Feedback Loop, Inc. Feedback Loop’s SaaS technology empowers fast and easy consumer feedback for product and marketing professionals, from early-stage discovery to ideation and design.

The acquisition accelerates DISQO’s mission to build the most trusted platform that fuels brand growth by connecting consumers’ sentiments to their online behaviors. With the addition of Feedback Loop, DISQO facilitates a comprehensive understanding of brand, product, and customer experiences for any organization, from SMBs to enterprises.

Rob Holland, CEO of Feedback Loop and former GVP of Oracle Data Cloud, has been named EVP, General Manager of Feedback Loop at DISQO. Approximately 50 new team members will join DISQO, bringing the global headcount to more than 500 people.

The acquisition follows DISQO’s recent Series B funding round which it closed as part of its plan to further scale the capabilities and reach of its customer experience (CX) platform. With digital transformation, brands large and small have been disconnected from their customers, forcing them to make decisions based on ambiguous signals. DISQO is solving this by giving brands direct access to their customers, so they can not only understand what customers think, but also what they do online.

With the addition of new agile customer feedback and analytics capabilities, any client can now validate products, features, and marketing before bringing them to market. Tens of thousands of new SMB and mid-market clients can now access DISQO’s platform, expanding upon its current hyper-growth enterprise business.

“Organizations often lack the access and tools needed to make the right data-driven decisions for their customers, especially medium-sized and small businesses,” said Armen Adjemian, Co-Founder & CEO, DISQO. “Traditional CX platforms have limited users within organizations and only enable customer experience feedback from existing customers. DISQO is expanding the power of CX by empowering all decision-makers, from SMBs to large enterprises, to understand customer experiences, everywhere, with existing and prospective customers.”

Some of Feedback Loop’s current clients who will benefit from the acquisition include the Ad Council, Comcast, Experian, Farmers Insurance, Humana, NBCUniversal, Utz, Caribou Coffee, and Uber. These companies and others will be able to gather faster, more accurate feedback via access to DISQO’s platform and by leveraging DISQO’s multidimensional customer profiles and measured digital behaviors.

“One of the biggest pain points in business is the inability to get immediate customer feedback when decisions have to be made,” said Rob Holland, EVP, General Manager of Feedback Loop. “With our agile feedback technology, DISQO is amplifying the voice of the customer in all decisions, from product innovation to advertising and everything in between.”

DISQO’s platform currently fuels customer understanding for more than 300 blue-chip brands, 125 of the world’s largest market research firms, 35 leading advertising agencies, and more than 20 media platforms. Utilizing applications for market research, advertising measurement, and customer feedback, these clients create a breakthrough understanding of consumers’ lifestyles, preferences, beliefs, and habits.


DISQO is a customer experience (CX) platform empowering businesses, from SMBs to enterprises, to make the right decisions for their customers by testing and measuring every product and brand experience with speed. DISQO’s insights, advertising measurement, and Feedback Loop applications connect to the company’s fully consented consumer data platform. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Los Angeles, DISQO is recognized as a hyper-growth tech startup and one of the best places to work in the US, with more than 500 team members globally.

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