Marsden Building Society to Enhance Employee and Customer Experiences with Advanced Communications Capability from Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, is providing the Marsden, Lancashire’s largest building society, with its Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS solution for more agile, flexible and scalable communication to support its immediate needs and long-term growth.

The Marsden selected Avaya Cloud Office™ by RingCentral® for its ability to host and record customer video calls, as well as store and manage detailed historical data for reporting purposes within a fully secure cloud environment that is compliant to the building society’s regulatory requirements.

The single platform all-in-one cloud communication solution with enhanced redundancy provides multiple communication channels for 100 users across all branches of the Marsden and for remote working. It also enables full visibility of calls for senior management and was chosen for the simplicity of its administration and technical support, with dedicated customer service management and guaranteed SLAs to 99.999%.

The business requirements of financial services companies are changing, and strategic digital transformation initiatives have been accelerated for many by the pandemic experiences of the past two years. Following a full review of its existing communications systems, the Marsden concluded that its 15-year-old on-premises IP phone system had reached end of life. The company needed a modern flexible solution to meet its current needs whilst allowing for growth, as well as providing employees with a flexible remote working option and business continuity in the face of unexpected global events.

Avaya ecosystem partner, P&C Communications, recommended Avaya Cloud Office as a cloud-hosted solution to meet all the Marsden’s needs. After a review of the competitive options and selection of Avaya Cloud Office, the Marsden received a fully project-managed migration of its communications solution from on-premise to the cloud from P&C Communications. As well as meeting all core requirements, Avaya Cloud Office had the advantage of allowing complimentary cloud-based integrations, including RSI Shadow Analytics, which allow detailed call reporting and real time notifications to supplement the recording and long-term storage needs of the Society. Avaya Cloud Office also enables the addition of new features that may be desired in future, allowing the Marsden to adapt to any new business or compliance requirements through changes in its central configuration or the introduction of new application plug-ins.

Brian Morrison, Head of Business Change and IT at The Marsden Building Society, commented: “Avaya Cloud Office provides us with a flexible and resilient telephony solution. Administration, including producing management information, has been found to be straightforward. Since implementation, our users have provided lots of positive feedback – they like the system and find it intuitive to use.”

“The employee experience and customer experience are inextricably linked, and both should be as effortless as possible so that everyone can get on with doing their job well,” said Steve Joyner, VP UK&I, Avaya. “It’s great to see the Marsden empower its employees with Avaya Cloud Office so they can move forward into the dynamic and collaborative new world of work with a communications technology platform that delivers great experiences for them whether in the office, home or mobile.”

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About The Marsden

Founded in 1860, the Marsden was set up to build something better for the community, helping its members save and finance their own homes. Now the largest Lancashire-based building society, with 8 branches across the region in Burnley, Barrowford, Clitheroe, Colne, Garstang, Lytham, Nelson and Poulton, the Marsden continues to grow. A strong and modern mutual, its balance sheet increased to £697 million in 2020. Continuing to offer savings, mortgages and more, the Marsden is owned and run for the benefit of its members and not for the benefit of shareholders, aiming to provide the best products and customer service possible.

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