SupportLogic Launches SX™ Platform and Applications to Transform Customer Support

SupportLogic, the world’s first support experience platform, announced the availability of its full SupportLogic SX™ platform and applications. This announcement comes as more and more companies identified that a proactive support experience is a critical element of a successful customer experience (CX) strategy.

The SupportLogic SX platform is designed to empower the transformation of support organizations into more intelligent and proactive teams providing an elevated support experience. SupportLogic SX includes a number of value-driving AI-powered applications, solving critical issues facing support organizations today, including:

  • SX Prevent: The core of the SX platform, providing AI signal extraction to power myriad predictive and actionable insights gleaned from support interactions to prevent “fire drills” and drive more proactive support.
  • SX Predict: A customer escalation prediction and prevention toolset which improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) while reducing costly escalations.
  • SX Elevate: Agent management, coaching and quality monitoring to drive improved employee satisfaction and increased retention.
  • SX Retain: Customer health scoring and churn prediction to provide support and customer success teams the tools they need to provide proactive, standout experiences.

“Positive customer experiences cannot exist without a great support experience and support employees play a key role in delivering that,” said Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic. “SupportLogic SX elevates both employee and customer experience in a single package. And SupportLogic provides valuable insight that feeds the entire business, from customer success, product teams and even sales and marketing, so businesses can protect and grow customer revenue.”

Enhancements and New Features

New additions to the SX portfolio include enhanced case assignment and escalation capabilities, as well as further enriching CRM tools like Salesforce with SX sentiment data to drive deeper customer insights and more informed decisions.

Enhanced Case Assignment

When users of Intelligent Case Assignment in SX Predict are assigning a case to an agent based on our AI-powered recommendations, they now have more choices:

  • Recommended: See a stack-ranked list of agents ordered by their suitability to work on this case, powered by SupportLogic’s powerful ML model. Restrict recommendations to just agents working on the queue that the case was assigned to, or expand the list to include multiple queues.
  • Agent Search: Managers can now search for specific agents across the support team, even those not under their management, to identify best fit and availability for a given case to ensure a consistent and positive customer support experience.
  • Route to a Different Queue: This is used when a case has been mistakenly associated with the wrong queue, or if queues are organized by shifts and the case must be transferred to a different team at the end of the shift.

“SupportLogic has made a real impact on the effectiveness of our support operations, and one major addition has been the ability to immediately identify the best agent to take on any particular case at any time,” said Patrick Martin, VP of Technical Support at Coveo and featured speaker at SX Live. “The impact that intelligent case assignment has had on our efficiency, is a 54% improvement in median time to case resolution.”

Escalations by Customer Groups

In SX Prevent, cases can be grouped together under a single customer account to better understand account health, and cases in any escalation-related state (Likely to Escalate, Escalation Requested, Escalated, Previously Predicted) are now listed in a single table, making it easy to identify all cases from an account that need your attention.

Sentiment Scores in Salesforce

SX Predict and SX Retain now provide sentiment scores for each case to be updated in your Salesforce instance at regular intervals, throughout the life of a case, to empower case workers with real-time insights to take the right action at the right time.

Today’s announcement marks the latest evolution of the SupportLogic vision: transforming the role of support with AI-powered insights that help companies improve agent engagement while protecting and growing revenue through an elevated support experience. The company has built upon its pioneering signal extraction methodology to create a portfolio of applications tailored to the precise needs of B2B support organizations.

“The true value of the support experience is finally being understood as a critical piece of any CX strategy,” said Gordana Warga, Director, Global Support, Kustomer at Meta and recent keynote speaker at SX Live. “It’s important that we are seeing tools created that not just make support a lower effort experience for the customer, but also make it easier and more rewarding for support professionals themselves. It’s great to see the community around support experience is strong, and growing.”

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The SupportLogic SX platform drives impressive return on investment for support organizations. Users of SX applications have enjoyed substantial benefits, including a 40% reduction in escalations, 65% reduction in case review time, 35% reduction in operations costs and up to 25% reduction in customer churn rates.

SupportLogic SX is delivered as a cloud solution for fast time to value and has seamless integration with leading CRM and case ticketing systems. To learn more visit:

About SupportLogic

SupportLogic delivers the world’s first support experience (SX) platform that enables companies to proactively understand and act on the voice of the customer to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. SupportLogic SX uses AI to extract and analyze customer sentiment signals from both structured and unstructured data and provides recommendations and collaborative workflows. SupportLogic is helping global enterprises like Databricks, Qlik, Nutanix, Rubrik, and Snowflake to prevent customer escalations, reduce churn and elevate the customer support experience.

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