ActiveOps announces new enhancements in ControliQ workforce management software

ActiveOps PLC., the management process automation company, announces the release of new and improved capabilities to its leading enterprise workforce management software for service operations, ControliQ.

The enhancements deliver managers new tools and data to conduct resource management and planning more effectively and further simplify the running of operations and support transformation programmes.

Team managers can boost team efficiency with the improved features of ControliQ using its new dashboard, which displays performance and trends across five critical operational KPIs (referred to as Fly by Five), giving senior leaders and managers a snapshot of performance without having to aggregate and analyse data manually.

Quickly accessible reports provide managers with a richer, more insightful view of productivity based on the outcomes the organisation creates by making task analysis simpler. Team leaders can easily see how different tasks can contribute to specific results and the outcome production rate. In addition, better notes and comments ensure that plans are understood and actioned as well as improving communication and collaboration between teams. Other benefits include:

  • Tags for standardised and easy labelling to add context and provide insights into process and service improvements.
  • Improved connectivity through more flexible integration options.
  • Managers and central planners can create plans based on existing data helping them better aligning workflow across the organisation, as well as alignment between long- and short-term goals.
  • Senior operations leaders view new dashboards to measure the impact of transformation efforts and the health of operations.
  • Operations managers gain automations that further simplify the running of operations, enabling them to manage more efficiently and make better decisions.
  • Change teams can better drive decision-making and realise incremental gains with deeper insights.

“Running operations has become increasingly complex. Our latest enhancements respond to that unfamiliar environment operations leaders often find themselves in. From day-to-day management to transformation and change programmes, we aim to support the managers in the middle of it all by giving them back time to focus on people instead of data. By simplifying their daily work, minimising time spent on data gathering and analysis, and giving them instant access to detailed performance and planning data, we help managers make the right decisions at the right time, to drive the best possible performance.” Ian Carter, ControliQ and Insight and Innovation Director, ActiveOps

“We are proud that our continued innovation is helping our customers drive operational excellence. Automating management processes, simplifying the running of operations, and investing in ML (Machine Learning) to augment these capabilities is another step towards achieving a “self-driving” workforce.” Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Officer, ActiveOps.

These new enhancements are available to all existing ControliQ customers; for further details and support contact your ActiveOps Relationship Manager. If not a ControliQ customer and want to see a demonstration? Go to