MoEngage Launches a New WhatsApp Business Integration for Enterprises

MoEngage announces a new WhatsApp Business Integration that will allow enterprises to gather insights and run personalized WhatsApp campaigns for different customer segments to boost engagement, retention, and revenue.

Since 2019, there has been a pivotal shift in consumer buying patterns – consumers have started making more and more important buying decisions on their smartphones. According to a study by Google, mobile searches for “best place to buy XYZ” have increased by 70%, and 59% of consumers mentioned that the convenience of shopping on their mobile device is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.

As consumer preferences and buying patterns evolve, it is crucial for enterprises to keep up and capture a touchpoint with their customers at the right stage in the buying journey. Since smartphones have become an integral part of this journey, enterprises need to expand their available communication channels to include WhatsApp.

MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform allows enterprises to learn what their customers are looking for on their mobile app or website, use AI to predict what next steps their customers are going to take, and help them automatically send contextually relevant recommendations, alerts, and reminders on multiple communication channels.

With this partnership, enterprises can now have personalized communication with their tech-savvy, mobile-first customers on WhatsApp.

Why enterprises cannot afford to ignore WhatsApp

Available across 180 different countries and supporting 20 vernacular languages, WhatsApp is used the most by consumers in the age group of 26 to 35 – the internet-savvy audience.

According to AISensy, while 54% of consumers prefer using WhatsApp to receive shipment status and delivery updates, 50% of consumers use WhatsApp for appointments and to get notifications of upcoming events and 23% of consumers want to receive promotional offers from their favourite brands via WhatsApp.

As more enterprises adopt WhatsApp, the WhatsApp team is improving how businesses can communicate with their customers. For example, earlier enterprises were limited to sending timely notifications, making it difficult to follow up with their customers outside of a 24-hour window. To enable seamless and timely interactions between enterprises and their customers, WhatsApp now supports more types of messages, for example, to let customers know when an item is back in stock. After witnessing the importance of periodic updates from health authorities about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is also working on making a similar kind of service available for more types of conversations.

Personalized and relevant communication is key

Assume that customers search for home gardening kits, browses a few products, and gets distracted by an important email, causing them to abandon their shopping process. MoEngage will observe this behaviour, gather insights, and prompt enterprises to send this particular customer a WhatsApp message reminding them of ongoing discounts on home gardening kits as long as they have requested to receive them.

“By teaming up with Meta, we aim to bridge the gap between enterprises and their customers by allowing them to leverage insights about their customers, their journeys, and the long-term impact of WhatsApp campaigns on key business metrics like LTV, revenue, retention, and product stickiness”, added Raviteja Dodda, the CEO and co-founder of MoEngage.

About MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform trusted by more than 1000 global consumer brands such as Ally Financial, McAfee, Flipkart, Nestle, T-Mobile, Travelodge, and more. MoEngage empowers marketers and product owners with insights into customer behaviour and the ability to act on those insights to engage customers across the web, mobile, email, social, and messaging channels. Consumer brands across 35 countries use MoEngage to power the digital experiences for over 1 billion customers every month. With offices in nine countries, MoEngage is backed by Steadview Capital, Multiples Private Equity, Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Matrix Partners, Ventureast, and Helion Ventures.

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