Zenarate Launches Concurrent Chat Simulation to Develop Top-Performing Chat Agents

Zenarate, the industry’s leading AI conversation simulation solution, launched Concurrent Chat Simulation in Zenarate’s AI Coach platform. It is the first AI simulation solution that allows contact centre agents to practice handling multiple incoming chats from customers simultaneously.

Training leaders can now empower agents to master high-impact chat topics with their personal unbiased Zenarate AI Coach simulating a customer while providing in-the-moment coaching.

According to data from Zendesk, customer satisfaction ratings for live chat (85%) are second only to phone support (91%). In addition to call simulations, Zenarate AI Coach brings AI chat simulation to leading contact centres in 12 languages to develop confident, well-prepared new hire agents before their first chat. It also helps close tenured chat agent skill gaps to increase agent speed proficiency and responsiveness in handling concurrent chat engagements.

Zenarate’s AI Coach simulates any customer engagement scenario, voice or chat, immersing contact centre agents in hyper-realistic conversations while providing them real-time coaching. Both voice and chat simulations use Natural Language Processing, allowing agents to use their own words without scripting, and Natural Language Understanding, generating real-time customer responses simulating a customer on any topic and persona.

Concurrent Chat Simulation – Agents practice handling multiple customer chat scenarios simultaneously, mastering how to efficiently engage with concurrent customer service scenarios using proper grammar and spelling.

  1. Chat Coaching – If agents do not use soft skills and best and required practices, Zenarate AI Coach will interrupt the agent, provide them in-the-moment feedback, and ask them to try again.
  2. Canned Responses – Agents can select from customizable canned responses when responding to their Zenarate AI Coach, just like agents respond in live chat interfaces.
  3. Response Time Reporting – Agents and managers receive agent response time reports for any number of concurrent chat simulations. Reporting includes new incoming chat first response time and the chat’s impact on existing chat average response times.
  4. Concurrent Chat Configuration – Training managers determine the frequency of auto-pop new chats and the number of concurrent chats per agent.
  5. Free Form Text – Agents can write in free form text.
  6. Spelling and Grammar – Zenarate AI Coach provides the agent with spelling and grammar feedback.

Chat Reporting Analytics - Similar to Zenarate’s AI Coach Voice Simulation Scorecard, agents and managers receive a Concurrent Chat Simulation Scorecard, analysing agent response time, grammar metrics, spelling metrics, and mastery of high impact chat types, soft skills, and best and required practices.

  1. Chat Simulation Analytics – Managers analyse how many chat sessions an agent can handle before agent performance degrades.
  2. Live Chat Certification – Managers auto-certify agents to take live chats through their Chat Simulation Scorecard, showing chat type, soft skills, best and required practices proficiency, and their ability to handle multiple chats with appropriate response times.
  3. Grammar Scoring – Analyze spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and canned response customizations.

“Adding concurrent chat simulation to AI Coach addresses the rising importance of real-time digital customer engagement and bolsters our overall contact centre simulation training capabilities,” said Brian Tuite, founder and CEO of Zenarate. “Now agents can improve their confidence and remove their anxiety by mastering concurrent chat servicing with their personal unbiased AI Coach from home or office through our human-centered AI conversation simulation platform. And call centre leaders can clearly assess agent readiness to handle multiple live chats with confidence.”

About Zenarate

Zenarate’s AI Coach helps leading brands develop confident top performing customer-facing teams through AI Conversation Simulation. Zenarate’s AI Coach is used worldwide every day in over a dozen countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Philippines, India, and Europe and supports 12 languages. Zenarate Customers include 7 of the top 10 U.S. financial institutions, 3 of the top 5 BPOs, and leading companies in the healthcare, travel, technology, and services industries.

For more information, visit www.zenarate.com.