Brian Johnson Joins Sitel Group as CEO – Americas

Sitel Group®, one of the largest global providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, announced that Brian Johnson has joined the company as CEO – Americas. Brian brings extensive industry experience to Sitel Group and was hired to lead the Americas region during an incredibly transformational time for the company.

“We are thrilled to have Brian join our team as CEO – Americas,” said Olivier Camino, chief operating officer and co-founder of Sitel Group. “Great leadership remains imperative as we continue to evolve as a company. We are confident that Brian will be an incredibly valuable addition to Sitel Group.”

Brian is a dynamic and well-rounded leader with global CX experience across all aspects of the business, including large-scale acquisitions and integrations. Brian strives to be a servant-leader and holds strong convictions when it comes to taking care of people and clients – a core value at Sitel Group, knowing both are integral to individual happiness and the success of the business.

“I am very proud to join Sitel Group as CEO – Americas,” said Brian. “I have immense respect for this organization and am honored to have been chosen to lead this incredibly talented and capable team. I look forward to leveraging my experience to help fuel our delivery of high-value, digital and transformation services to our clients as Sitel Group continues its track record of exceptional growth.”

Prior to joining Sitel Group, Brian served as the Regional CEO for the largest division of Teleperformance from 2014 to 2020. Like many in the industry, he started his career serving customers over the phone and has been able to grow his career from there. Brian spent his early years in the industry as a leader in the IT realm, opening and supporting several sites across the United States. From there, he expanded into senior leadership roles in Operations and Account Management, has held a position as a senior executive in a large publicly traded company and has lived and worked in Argentina and the Philippines for multiple years where he served as Country Head.

About Sitel Group®

As one of the largest global providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, Sitel Group® empowers brands to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating meaningful connections that boost brand value. Inspired by each brands’ unique vision and goals, we ask “what if?” applying our expertise to create innovative solutions that reduce customer effort.

With 160,000 people around the globe – working from home or from one of our CX hubs – we securely connect best-loved brands with their customers over 8 million times every day in 50+ languages. Whether digital or voice-based, our solutions deliver a competitive edge across all customer touchpoints. Our award-winning culture is built on 40+ years of industry-leading experience and commitment to improving the employee experience.

EXP+™ from Sitel Group is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. EXP+ creates a robust ecosystem by harnessing the power of four connected product families.

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