Upstream Works Announces AI Application Integrations for Intelligent Agent and Customer Experiences

Upstream Works, a provider of omnichannel contact centre solutions, announces a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) application integration capabilities, Upstream Works Desktop Version 5.0, and cloud offerings, to be unveiled at the Cisco Live event in June.

The company is “Helping AI Help Agents” through AI application integrations that continue to break down silos that inhibit efficient customer service. Upstream Works’ Virtual Agent Portal lets a business use AI applications to provide real-time guidance and boost agent and contact centre performance. A new email API feature allows any email in queue to be preprocessed by a dedicated AI application to off-load low value responses and improve agent response times. Upstream Works Desktop 5.0 also provides streamlined upgrades, optimized system performance and enables remote agent access flexibility. Finally, Upstream Works is offering new omnichannel cloud SaaS solutions for Cisco UCCX and xCCE deployments, all available on Cisco SolutionsPlus.

“We strive to improve the agent experience and adding new AI capabilities can easily start back down the road to desktop complexity,” said Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works. “AI technology will play a significant role in customer care, and we are continuing to innovate and provide agents with the tools they need to simplify their workflows, increase first contact resolutions (FCR) and improve the overall customer experience.”

Helping AI Help Agents and Upstream Works Desktop 5.0

Upstream Works helps to optimize the agent experience by integrating best-of-breed AI applications with the Upstream Works desktop and automating conversational AI channels without creating new silos. In addition to the Virtual Agent Portal and email API capabilities, the Upstream Works Desktop also supports conversational AI with full agent escalations, as well as AI reporting on FCR and overall ‘bot effectiveness.

Upstream Works 5.0 is the next evolution of the company’s signature omnichannel contact centre desktop solution. It features a streamlined upgrade program for ease of delivery, optimized performance that enhances speed and security and increased flexibility for a remote workforce with VPN-less access and reduced support costs.

New Cloud Solutions

Upstream Works has long supported contact centre technology needs, and as the workforce has become more dispersed and mobile, Upstream Works is introducing full cloud offerings on the Cisco SolutionsPlus program to support changing client needs.

Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) will now offer omnichannel cloud SaaS solutions for the Cisco UCCX and xCCE platforms. The UWF Standard Omnichannel Cloud SaaS Solution for UCCX offers fast deployment and includes an enhanced Agent Desktop that connects all interactions and seamlessly integrates with Cisco UCCX and WCC (to be available in Q1 2023). The cloud solution brings best-of-class functionality to the Cisco platform, including Upstream Works’ email and web chat channels. Expand the solution with the optional Assist knowledge management for agents and customer self-service, channels and integrations.

UWF Enterprise Omnichannel Cloud SaaS Solution for xCCE can be tailored to clients’ specific needs. The solution includes an enhanced Agent Desktop with digital channel flexibility and seamless integration with Cisco UCCE, PCCE, HCS, WxCCE and WCC (to be available in Q1 2023). The solution can be further tailored with the optional Assist knowledge management, added channels, and AI and business applications integrations. Both solutions are easily scalable to maximize ROI for future growth.

About Upstream Works

Upstream Works provides best-in-class omnichannel contact centre software to increase customer engagement and employee success. The customer journey comes together across all channels with an intuitive desktop, seamless integrations and consistent management. For more than 15 years, Upstream Works has been developing flexible solutions for organizations wanting to improve the customer experience, operational efficiency and long-term business growth.