Enhances Customer Experience for Create Room and its DreamBox, the leading conversational AI support platform, announced a new customer service milestone with their customer Create Room, a leading online craft furniture provider.’s virtual agent has adjusted to handle over 50% of the workload for the service team, saving precious time for actual representatives during an extremely busy year for online sales.

The success of boost’s virtual agent with Create Room is the latest validation to prove the value of a robust, conversational AI chatbot in multiple industries including E-commerce, banking, insurance, and many more.

Before using virtual agents, Create Room was using a native chatbot solution that lacked advanced automation and disrupted customer flow. Nearly 100% of requests had to be handled by team members during normal working hours, which meant the number of service tickets kept piling up. Immediately after implementing, Create Room saw 72% of service chats go through its virtual agent, taking care of a significant amount of the initial workload so that the service members could focus on more complicated requests. Even when the volume of chats increased by 30%, the virtual agent was able to handle the additional volume and closeout service requests with an 84% satisfaction rate.

“The instant relief boost’s chatbot provided was incredibly impactful. Our service team was able to integrate the chatbot immediately to help manage the volume of requests and ensure each customer was getting the attention they deserved,” said Jordan Contino, Growth Marketing Manager at Create Room. In 2022, we’re continuing to expand our partnership with as we hone in on further improving workflows amongst our service team with the chatbot’s help. With boost supporting us, every Dreambox customer will be able to find their perfect match.”

Create Room’s busy season starts in November and carries through December every year. In 2020,’s virtual agents were just starting to be deployed, and 2021 was the first busy season with the bots fully up and running. 2021 saw the median wait time for a service response drop by nearly 90 minutes. Create Room also saw an 80% increase in total conversations between the two years and was still able to outperform satisfaction rates by 8%. The bot helps customers find the perfect DreamBox to fit their lifestyle, allowing them to customize add-ons and help figure out payment options. Create Room and make it easy for any crafter to envision their dream setup.

“In 2021, we saw our virtual agent handle a massive increase in conversations while service tickets remained level, which is a huge testament to the sophistication we’ve built into our agents.’s self-learning AI will continue to adjust to customer needs and continue to provide the exact support that will keep Create Room’s inventory running smoothly,” said Bill Schwaab, VP of North America at “We have learned a lot about the potential use case for our intelligent virtual agents in the e-commerce space, and we’ll continue to refine the AI to create the perfect customer experience for every one of our customers.”

Create Room’s DreamBox is a crafter’s best friend. The DreamBox is available online here and can be shipped directly to your house.

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