Balto’s New Real-Time Index Collates Call Trends and Analysis Into One-of-A-Kind Insights for Contact Centres

Balto, the #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centres, has launched the Balto Real-Time Index, a new tool that collates trends, insights, and in-depth analysis for contact centres. Using data sourced from over 140MM guided calls, the Index provides actionable insights based on trends surveyed over the past quarter.

The first edition of the Index focuses on the most common consumer objections and the most- and least-utilized soft skills agents use on calls. Each metric can be sorted and compared by various industries, including Collections, Healthcare, Home Improvement, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, and Insurance. Index data is extrapolated by Balto’s in-house Research Team, the Conversation Excellence Lab, using a robust methodology and statistical rigor to ensure accuracy.

“The Balto Real-Time Index answers a question every contact centre leader is asking: what are my industry peers doing? We’re applying data from more than 100 million conversations to develop best practices for sales and customer service teams across a number of verticals,” said Balto CEO Marc Bernstein. “Balto has a goldmine of conversation data that we’re opening up to the entire contact centre industry. Within the next 12 months, we aim to be your go-to resource to see what’s working in your industry and what’s not.”

The Balto Real-Time Index answers one of the biggest challenges for contact centres: gathering the necessary data to predict call trends and prepare better scripts. Without the proper tools, collecting this information costs considerable time and resources. The Index solves two issues in one package:

  • Teams can start building out talk flows to address objections or customer sentiments right away.
  • Whole organizations can compare industry baselines with others and adjust accordingly.

“Managers and playbook makers now have a crystal ball into customer behaviour on calls and can pivot in real-time based on trending data or operationalize unforeseen shifts,” said Ben Lazar, Balto CMO. “This is game changing for organizations who are taking a proactive approach to customer movement.”

The Balto Index is available for free and updated on a quarterly basis for continual trend tracking and analysis. View the report here. A PDF version is available for offline viewing.

About the Conversation Excellence Lab

The Conversation Excellence Lab is Balto’s hub for academic-level research. The Lab creates thought-leading content with the support of research teams and in-house data. Each report is published online and available for free. Readers can get reports sent directly to their inbox by subscribing to the Lab’s newsletter.

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