Alchemer Launches Microsoft Teams Integration

Alchemer – a global leader in Customer Experience (CX) and enterprise feedback technology – announced the launch of its Microsoft Teams integration, which automates delivering customer and employee feedback directly into Teams channels.

The integration set-up is easy and direct, eliminating the need for IT assistance.

The Microsoft Teams integration expands Alchemer’s list of available integrations, which includes Salesforce, Slack, Tableau, and other leading business-critical software. Alchemer integrations automate and simplify the distribution of customer and employee feedback into the key systems widely used by organizations to help drive immediate action.

With the Alchemer Microsoft Teams integration, organizations can close the loop on feedback from Alchemer surveys by automatically sending alerts within Teams channels. This allows users to quickly disseminate critical feedback and information rather than relying on email and other forms of secondary communication.

Only the Alchemer Microsoft Teams integration includes the “card actions” feature. From within their account, Alchemer users can create and configure card actions – buttons within the Teams message – allowing simplified collaboration, survey testing, and action. This allows stakeholders to leave comments within the Microsoft Teams channel, streamlining survey creation.

“Our product strategy is to be action-forward, agile, and accessible to help customers immediately act on feedback,” said Peter Zaidel, Director of Product Management at Alchemer. “Our Microsoft Teams integration is an important component in that strategy, allowing our customers to respond to feedback more quickly and efficiently.”

To learn more about the Alchemer Microsoft Teams integration, visit the website.

About Alchemer

Alchemer offers the world’s most flexible feedback and data collection platform, with twice as many question types and a low-code design that allows innovative thinkers across organizations to solve real business problems cost-effectively. Alchemer serves more than 13,000 global customers, including many Fortune 500 companies.

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