Introducing Relay IQ, A Machine Learning Engine Designed to Improve Customer Engagement

Relay Network, the innovator of SaaS feed technology that drives unmatched customer, member and employee engagement, announced the launch of Relay IQ, a machine learning engine that tunes and targets feed content to drive maximum engagement and value for customers and businesses.

Relay IQ leverages the powerful intelligence methodology of social media feeds – which sorts content based on customer data and interaction data – and adapts it for B2C engagement. It is an integral component of the company’s existing Relay Feed that empowers businesses to continually deliver the type of timely, relevant content that keeps customers and social media users alike active and engaged.

Key features of Relay IQ include:

  • Metered Timing: Catalyses the customer to open their feed only when it contains an experience that is important and relevant to their individual journey.
  • Relevant Experiences: Structures the feed for optimal engagement based on persona attributes, delivering a series of next-best experiences that customers find easy to interact with.
  • Learned Optimization: Learns and adapts continuously based on customers’ previous interactions to ensure each feed is primed for a favourable engagement experience.

“Relay IQ enables leading B2C organizations such as banks and health payers to intelligently serve up relevant content for the customer on the familiar feed format, combatting the growing disengagement dilemma and creating opportunities to develop meaningful customer relationships,” said Matt Gillin, CEO and Co-Founder of Relay. “What it ultimately powers are mutually beneficial outcomes for both the customer and the business.”

With the addition of Relay IQ, the company’s customers now have a comprehensive, fully integrated customer engagement solution comprised of three core elements: the Relay Feed, a scrollable and engaging mobile format; the Relay Experience Cloud, a repository of curated content that populates customers’ feeds; and Relay IQ, the intelligence engine driving the engagement.

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About Relay Network

Relay Network is the innovator of SaaS feed technology, with over 10 years of experience helping companies more meaningfully engage with their customers. Using the Relay Feed, a dedicated 1:1 engagement channel, companies are deepening their relationships with their customers and employees and improving business outcomes. Our goal is to help our customers maximize customer lifetime value by catalysing mutually beneficial engagements between them and their customers.