Edify Announces Integration of New ChromeOS Desk Connector for Contact Centres

Edify Labs, the customer experience software company that makes business communications feel more like personal ones, announced its integration to the new ChromeOS Desk connector for contact centres.

This innovation introduces “the desk,” an organizer to manage all tabs and apps an agent needs for a specific interaction, including the single-window Edify CX contact centre platform.

ChromeOS Desk connector allows Edify to automatically create a new “desk” for each customer interaction, organizing the apps, windows and tools an agent needs within one neat container. When the interaction ends, the desk with all its case-specific windows can be closed with one click.

“This is another tangible step forward in making employee experiences more intuitive, productive, and secure – which directly impacts every customer,” said Bracken Fields, co-founder and CTO of Edify. “As consumers, we all know it’s painful to wait as an agent tries to find information to resolve our issue. The Edify integration to ChromeOS Desk connector puts everything agents need in front of them with a single click.”

Contact centre agents are the face and voice of a business to customers. Great service leads to happy, engaged customers and directly impacts revenue growth, loyalty, and brand reputation. To deliver great service, contact centres need productive agents that are not bogged down by having to search multiple apps, tabs, and windows to find the right information at the right time. Edify and the new ChromeOS Desk connector delivers.

“Customer service shouldn’t be hit or miss. And working as a contact centre agent shouldn’t be a painful experience either,” said Matthew Clare, ChromeOS Product Lead, Contact Center Solutions. “Contact centres powered by ChromeOS deliver the future of customer experience by improving agent productivity, reducing cognitive load, and guaranteeing that more customers end transactions feeling satisfied. Secure by design, ChromeOS has never had a reported ransomware attack, and deploys simply and fast, ensuring quick and secure agent onboarding.”

About the Chrome Enterprise Recommended Program

Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program that identifies optimized solutions. When you see the Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge, you know that the developer of that app has worked with Google to ensure their product works great on ChromeOS. This not only helps organizations more easily adopt new technology, it ensures employees have a great user experience.

About Edify Labs, Inc.

Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other, making enterprise communications as easy as personal ones. Its flagship product, Edify CX, unites contact centre (CCaaS), unified communications (UCaaS), and real-time communications platform (CPaaS/API) functionality in a single cloud-native solution that facilitates continuous conversations. Now, customers and employees can easily move among channels in one window, just like they do every day on their phones. Companies choose Edify for its global availability, no-waste pricing, and full-stack 100% SLA uptime guarantee. Edify is also a Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution for the contact centre.

Learn more at edify.cx.