Launches AI-Based Recommendations That Highlight Key Coaching Moments and Deal Risks, the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams announced a new AI-based feature to its arsenal, Recommendations, for deals, meetings, reviews and coaching. Recommendations uses Chorus’s AI technology to provide role-based suggestions that help users automatically see important moments from hundreds of meetings.

Highlighted moments can include calls that managers need to coach reps on, deals that need to be reviewed based on value or risks, and conversations from which others can learn.

According to the State of Conversation Intelligence report H1 2019, a 20-rep team will conduct more than a hundred meetings each week, which means sales managers are challenged to weed through every sales call to find the ones that need their attention. Recommendations surfaces the most important moments of the day to under 10 of the biggest priorities, flagging them inside Chorus and through email alerts.

“AI-based recommendations are as great a game changer as our original Conversation Intelligence product,” said Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of “Once a team has full visibility into thousands of customer interactions you are overwhelmed by the firehose of information. Recommendations cuts through the noise to find the signal each manager should pay attention to.”

“We use this feature every day internally — our sales managers use Recommendations to uncover calls with coachable moments, while our reps use it to handle crucial deals and personal training,” said Joe Caprio, VP of Sales at Chorus. “The reality is most sales managers’ days are filled to capacity, which pushes all coaching to the bottom of the priority list. This can negatively impact a rep’s growth, quota and even retention at the company since 60% of sellers say they’ll leave an organization if their manager is a poor coach.”’s Recommendations highlights the most important calls and moments for each rep and manager to review, allowing everyone in the organization to benefit:

  • Manager: Chorus surfaces calls that require attention specific to coaching and identifies which deals are most at risk or that need attention due to high value.
  • Sales Enablement: Automatically highlights low-scoring skills for the team and identifies which managers need to coach more.
  • Reps: The latest calls and key conversation metrics are featured for quick review and self-improvement. has worked with hundreds of customers to increase quota attainment and shorten new hire ramp times by creating visibility and analyzing prospect-facing meetings at scale. The company’s proprietary AI automatically identifies and curates such moments for sales and customer success teams, thus freeing sales representatives to focus on building relationships that impact selling outcomes and use those insights for real-time sales coaching and to replicate sales best practices.

In addition to this announcement, recently released its integrations with Zoom and HubSpot. The Conversation Intelligence leader also enhanced features by unveiling the first tool to tie ROI to sales enablement efforts. And, was also named the #1 Sales Coaching Momentum Leader by G2 and the 2019 Hot Vendor in Conversational Intelligence by Aragon Research, awarded the 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Award and received six Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

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