NICE Introduces Agile CX, Preparing Organizations for Extreme Business Agility in the New Reality

NICE announced its launch of Agile CX, a program focused on addressing the need for extreme business agility as CX organizations are fighting to gain leadership in unprecedented times. For many years, organizations were busy building capabilities to improve efficiencies and experiences, accepting that implementing changes required months or even years.

After facing the extreme challenges driven by COVID-19, organizations are facing an immediate need to reprogram the way they operate. They recognize that by adopting extreme business agility, they are able to move faster, change work methodologies and processes, all in a matter of hours. Extreme business agility has become the most important, mission critical capability of any enterprise faced with navigating the current environment. While today’s needs emerged due to COVID-19, extreme business agility is now a part of the ongoing mode of operation for the long run.

The Agile CX program will help customer experience leaders learn how to develop an extreme business agility state of mind, benefit from technology infrastructure and allow them to continuously adapt to changes amid the uncertainties they are all experiencing

This program follows NICE’s launch of multiple solutions, including CXone@home, WEM@home and NEVA@home, accelerating the path to business continuity, remote engagement and productivity.

A key component of the program will take place during Agile CX Week, June 23rd through June 25th, and include a three part webinar series delivered by thought leaders who will cover:

  • Agile Service: Creating the right cloud foundation – principles for establishing a flexible cloud foundation that empowers rapid change through innovation and business adaptability, and continuously ensures smart digital-first experiences.
  • Agile Insights: Gaining visibility to drive hyper-personalized experiences – strategies for gaining insights and context to customer interactions using advanced analytics and AI that ensure customized, engaging experiences that boost loyalty.
  • Agile Workforce: Empowering the workforce and ensuring their well-being – guidelines for engaging the workforce by streamlining processes, automating guidance in real-time, extending tools to boost focus on value-driven service areas, and creating persona-based employee experiences.

Eran Liron, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development, NICE, said, “As the world is slowly transitioning to a new reality, following the uncertainty driven by COVID-19, CX organizations are now beginning to navigate their way forward. While CX leaders examine what they did right, what was handled well and how to ensure things go better next time, they understand the importance of being prepared for whatever comes next and being ready to adapt quickly. This new business flexibility, Agile CX, must be an integral part of the way CX organizations operate.”

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