Speechmatics and Daisee partner to deliver voice data insights at scale to protect businesses and mitigate risk

Speechmatics, a UK leader in any-context speech recognition technology has partnered with Daisee, leading provider of speech analytics software, to enable businesses to understand and focus on the customer calls that matter through speech and sentiment analysis software, Lisa.

Lisa provides speech and sentiment analytics software that automates risk and quality management. The software enables businesses to understand the intent, context and empathy of a conversation, quickly identify compliance issues and mitigate any risk at scale.

The volume of voice data within any contact centre is vast. Transcribing voice data into text format is the first step and baseline to understand the content and context of a conversation. Using Lisa, contact centres can transform voice data to gain new and valuable insights to reduce the risk of regulation and compliance breaches. Businesses can improve process efficiency, streamline workflows, reduce customer churn, deliver better customer experiences and ultimately reduce costs and protect their brand.

Using any-context speech recognition by Speechmatics, the application offers the most accurate transcription functionality on the market. The engine is designed to be used at scale for large volumes of voice data regardless of dialect, accent or location.

Richard Kimber, Founder & CEO at Daisee said: “Our technology is built based on the research and knowledge from our experts from a variety of academic backgrounds. When we were looking for a partner to power our speech-to-text functionality, Speechmatics’ rich background in innovation and research coupled with its highly accurate product made it a natural fit for us.

Kimber added: “We work across a global market and had found other providers we benchmarked didn’t support Australian and British accents very well – especially in noisy contact centre environments. Speechmatics offers Global English which covers over 40 accents in one model which was a game-changer for us and the product.”

Jeff Palmer, VP at Speechmatics said: “Daisee is a great example of how our partners use Speechmatics’ technology to innovate with voice data. Powering the transcription capability in the Daisee solution means that Daisee is able to provide extensive functionality to its customers utilising the voice data that was previously inaccessible. The contact centre market is growing rapidly around the world and with that comes an increasing amount of voice data that is locked in audio recordings. At Speechmatics, we specialise in accurately transcribing large volumes of voice data at scale to enable businesses to utilise its rich content however the business needs it.”

About Speechmatics

Speechmatics  leads the market as an  any-context speech recognition engine for companies to rapidly build innovative applications.

The UK Government, Deloitte UK, Vonage,  what3words and Adobe use  Speechmatics  in scenarios such as contact  centres, CRM, consumer electronics, security, media & entertainment and software.  Speechmatics processes millions of hours of transcription worldwide every month.

Analysts have recognised  Speechmatics as a pioneer in machine learning voice engineering. It enables companies to build  applications that detect and transcribe voice in any context in real-time. Its neural networks consider acoustics, languages, dialects, multiple speakers, punctuation, capitalisation, context and implicit meanings. In 2019  Speechmatics  received the Queen’s  Award for Enterprise Innovation.

Its offices are based in Cambridge, UK, Denver, USA, Chennai, India and Brno, Czech Republic.  Speechmatics  is a registered  trademark.

Visit https://www.speechmatics.com/

About Daisee

Daisee is a pioneer in Speech Analytics and has developed a highly scalable cloud-based software platform to review, interpret and rank all calls in a contact center.

Daisee has clients in several industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Utilities, and has worked with leading Regulators.

Several independent evaluations have ranked Daisee as a leader in its field and KPMG ranked Daisee in the Top100 Fintechs in the world in 2019. Other awards include Insuretech of the year, and best RegTech. Daisee also won the UK Department of Industry & Trade Tech Rocketship award. These awards are the result of the accuracy of the solution which has been honed and trained using machine learning and several proprietary algorithms.

Its offices are based in Sydney Australia, Melbourne and Dallas Texas. Daisee is a registered trademark.

Visit https://www.daisee.com/