CloudEngage Acquires AnswerDash, Leader in AI powered Self-Service Support

CloudEngage, the world’s most intuitive web personalization platform, announced the acquisition of AnswerDash, a leading provider of AI powered self-service support and ecommerce solutions.

“We saw a terrific fit here,” said Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO. “Our platform provides rich customer data insights and real-time personalization across multiple channels. AnswerDash has a proven track record of delivering value to their customers by automating support, providing intuitive ways for web visitors to get predictive answers about products and services they’re interested in.”

Last year, CloudEngage deployed Chord, an industry-first live-chat solution that personalizes the web experience for visitors based on conversational learning. The AnswerDash acquisition enhances Chord through automated and predictive support instead of live assistance or cumbersome help tickets. Customer generated questions can then be used to enhance personalization and audience learnings.

“Combining our product with a platform that is leading the industry in personalization was an easy decision to make,” said Don Davidge, CEO of AnswerDash. “CloudEngage is an ideal partner to accelerate innovation, scale faster and deliver value to our customers.”

“Acquiring AnswerDash adds another key value to our personalization platform, making it simple and easy to add personalized self-service support to any website. This can significantly increase commerce conversion while also reducing support costs,” said Scott Rozic, CloudEngage Chief Growth Officer.

About CloudEngage

CloudEngage provides the world’s most intuitive personalization ecosystem at an industry-best price. CloudEngage helps organisations deliver unique and tailored experiences to their web visitors, significantly increasing conversion rates. The product suite includes a robust customer data platform, personalized multi-channel experiences, live chat, and more. CloudEngage installs in minutes and is universally compatible with existing websites.

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About AnswerDash

The AnswerDash AI-powered self-service support platform enables companies to deliver the right information in the right place at the right time, on websites, web apps, mobile apps or chat. With AnswerDash, businesses can transform their digital experience, cut support costs by 30% to 50%, increase sales conversions by 10% to 30%, and dramatically improve customer happiness. AnswerDash integrates with the most popular knowledge bases and ticketing systems, including Freshdesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, to bring knowledge base content directly to the point of action. Live chat integrations with leading providers includes inContact, Chord, LiveChat, Olark, SnapEngage, and Zopim.

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