Yext Answers Goes Global with Language Expansion

Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company, announced the expansion of Yext Answers, the company’s revolutionary site search product, into four new languages. Businesses and organizations will now be able to deliver official answers on their websites in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Just as it does in English, Yext Answers applies advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to better understand questions in order to return the most accurate, official answer. Websites powered by Yext Answers in these four new languages are able to handle not only searches with complex language-specific attributes like accents and compound verbs, but also location-based searches.

“Our mission is to help businesses and organizations worldwide deliver official answers to their customers online,” said Howard Lerman, Founder and CEO of Yext. “Launching Yext Answers in French, German, Italian and Spanish is a critical next step in that mission, helping even more businesses around the globe deliver a world-class customer experience on their own domain, in their native language. We like to say that when the world has questions, Yext Answers, and today, that statement reaches a new level of global significance.”

“Since previewing Yext Answers at our EXPLORE19 conference last year, we have seen an unprecedented demand in Europe,” said Wendi Sturgis, CEO of Yext Europe. “We’re excited to finally deliver Answers in four major European languages so that we can help businesses and organizations in these markets and beyond delight their customers, drive more transactions, and lower their costs.”

This launch is timely as businesses continue to adjust to the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, when website visits from people seeking information has increased by as much as 376% in some verticals.1 In April, Yext introduced a 90-day free trial of Answers in English to help businesses manage the large influx of customer questions, and now, European businesses can take advantage of the offer in their native languages.

Palladium Hotel Group, headquartered in Spain, plans to incorporate the Spanish version of Answers after experiencing its benefits in English firsthand.

“At Palladium Hotel Group, we implemented Answers on our COVID-19 landing page in order to keep users fully informed about the situation in all of our hotels,” said Marta Clemente Vilchez, Head of SEO at Palladium Hotel Group. “Due to the great results we’ve seen, we plan to implement Answers on our homepage in both English and Spanish, and we’re certain that it will be another success.”

Beyond just helping manage customer questions, Yext Answers has helped many companies grow their business during these challenging times by increasing conversions and reducing support costs. In fact, three early adopters have seen an average increase in conversion of 36% compared to their legacy site search, while leading UK mobile network Three, experienced a 42% decrease in customer support tickets within the first two weeks of implementing Answers.

“Our customers were visiting our website and weren’t able to find the answers they needed using our existing search bar,” said Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel at Three. “That ultimately led them to exploring other customer service options such as calling our contact centre or walking in-store. This is inconvenient to customers and adds additional layers to the customer experience where we want to be able to resolve their queries as quickly as possible. Yext Answers has been the perfect solution to help our website do the heavy lifting, resulting in more conversions and a better first-time resolution rate for customers.”

Learn more about Yext Answers here.