TouchPoint One Releases New Gamification Solution to Boost Work-from-Home Engagement and Performance

TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centres, announced the addition of A-GAME Flex to its gamification solutions lineup. A-GAME Flex enables contact centre supervisors or department and program managers to design and deploy behaviour and KPI-based gamification initiatives in minutes.

A-GAME Flex is fully integrated with Acuity, TouchPoint One’s award-winning Contact Center Performance Management platform and is available immediately as a free upgrade to current Acuity SaaS licensees.

“The Work-from-Home paradigm amplifies serious, pre-existing deficiencies in legacy performance management systems to inform, connect, and motivate the customer contact workforce,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. Gamification has become an essential component of smart performance management and A-GAME Flex provides managers with the ability to instantly employ game mechanics to develop and inspire an increasingly diverse and dispersed customer support labor pool precisely when and where it’s needed.”

A-GAME Flex transforms day-to-day customer contact routines into stimulating, formative and productive experiences. In just minutes, team leaders, supervisors, and managers can set up individual or team-centric competitions based on attendance, sales, quality, customer satisfaction, balanced score, or other key performance indicators. Behavioral metrics associated with coaching, employee satisfaction, training & skills development, and other processes can also be gamified on-the-fly with Flex to cultivate and encourage productive routines, technique, and tone at any operational level.

A-GAME Flex Key Features:

  • Set up engaging, impactful games in minutes
  • Align employee focus with company goals
  • Proactively target the behaviors that move vital performance metrics
  • Allocate reward and recognition intelligently
  • Inter or intra-team agent duels and multiple team competitions
  • Tap into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Short or long-term events (day/week/month/custom ranges)
  • Use individual KPI, sub-KPI, or balanced scores for game scoring logic
  • Redeem game credits for tangible or intangible rewards (third-party fulfillment ready)
  • Mobile compatible design with fully responsive UI
  • Unlimited game themes and multiple game scoring models
  • Engaging graphics and wallboard displays
  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Seamless integration with the Acuity performance management platform

As a business strategy, gamification is proven effective with an expanding record of productive and measurable impact on customer experience, workforce productivity and efficiency, business operations, and financial metrics. Gamification works because, when done well, it engenders connectedness, mastery, autonomy, and purpose and makes employees happier and more engaged. The research is evident that highly engaged teams equate to better customer experiences, employee retention, business profitability, and other benefits. A-GAME Flex provides customer contact organisations a versatile, easy-to-use gamification solution to lift engagement for individuals and teams across the entire organisation.

A-GAME Flex is an AWS-hosted Cloud-based service and fully integrated with TouchPoint One’s Acuity Contact Center Employee Engagement and Performance Management platform.

About TouchPoint One

TouchPoint One is the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centres. The Company’s Acuity product is a full-featured Contact Center Performance Management platform that enables improved decision making, talent development, and process execution at every operational level. TouchPoint One customer contact solutions deliver the proven benefits of employee dashboards, balanced scorecards, gamification, and advanced performance management through innovative design and complete, functional alignment with business processes and strategies.