Inbenta Announces Partnership with IntelePeer to Deliver Smarter Workflows to Customers

Inbenta Technologies, a global leader in Symbolic AI-based Customer Interactions applications (artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) products) announced a new partnership with IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider.

The combined partnership will empower users to build smarter and more powerful workflows so organizations can provide more innovative, agile, and scalable customer and employee support processes.

The Inbenta platform integrated with Atmosphere SmartFlows enables organizations to easily configure, automate, measure, and improve business interactions across multiple channels such as voice, SMS, Social Media and Enterprise Collaboration Platforms. Customers will be able to use the intuitive drag and drop features, without any complicated coding. This will offload agent workload and create superior digital experiences.

“We are really happy to see this partnership going forward,” said Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras. “Combining the IntelePeer easy-to-use omni-channel platform with our Symbolic AI will empower our customers to build workflows across very different channels in a cohesive way, providing intelligence along the way.”

“With customer expectations on the rise and a constantly changing business climate, companies must stay ahead of the market with agile solutions,” said Jeremy Jones, IntelePeer’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We look forward to a successful partnership with Inbenta. With growing demand for more intelligent interactions, Inbenta’s AI helps detect customer’s intents, and respond with SmartFlows across different channels including voice, SMS, and social messaging to consistently stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing digital business.”

About Inbenta:

Inbenta was founded by Jordi Torras in Barcelona and is now headquartered in Silicon Valley. Inbenta empowers the world’s largest enterprise and e-commerce companies to improve customer satisfaction rates and reduce support costs with best-in-class functionality.

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About IntelePeer:

IntelePeer powers the new customer experience. Our Atmosphere® CPaaS enables companies to communicate better – driving more revenue, improving their customer experience, and making better business decisions – leveraging omni-channel Automation & Self-Service, AI, and Analytics, all delivered through a single easy-to-use cloud platform that works seamlessly with your existing business solutions.

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