New Unbabel Portal Unveiled to Manage Customer Service Language Operations

Unbabel, the AI-powered, human-refined translation platform that enables multilingual customer service at scale, launched the Unbabel Portal, an interface on top of the Unbabel Platform, which offers customers the most dynamic visualization and increased control over language operations.

The Unbabel Portal further optimizes the customer service agent’s efficiency and the customer experience over time. Organizations are now able to view and analyze their language operations in a data-driven, self-service dashboard.

Customer service managers at large global enterprise organizations are grappling with a staggering number of support requests and the inability to quickly and easily navigate multilingual support operations. With the new Unbabel Portal, customer service leaders can monitor usage and quality, or download invoices to easily manage their language operations. Unbabel gives customers the needed visibility into their supported languages across different digital channels, and also how quickly agents are resolving issues to drive customer satisfaction.

“Customers need a quick and easy self-service solution to configure, monitor and optimize multilingual support operations. With the launch of the Unbabel Portal, we are enabling teams to better understand how increasing access and visibility to language operations positively impacts the customer experience,” said Vasco Pedro, CEO and co-founder at Unbabel. “The right visibility into language operations will change the way global organizations view multilingual customer service technologies – providing more strategic insight and guidance around global distribution.”

The Unbabel Portal offers customers:

● Increased Language Visibility: Access to analytics around the languages being supported across the customers’ service and support organization.

● Real-Time Visualization of Usage by Language and Channel: Through what Unbabel calls the Language Brain, customer service managers can see the volume of usage for each language pair and filter this usage for different periods of time.

● Insight into Turnaround Times: Metrics on how quickly customer service agents are receiving the translations of support requests.

● Quality of Language Translations Color Scale: Across all of customer support channels, managers can track the quality of translations to optimize the termbases, adjust tone and style, or fine tune an agents’ response process to sound like a human.

Unbabel customer, Rakuten TV, a part of Rakuten, Inc., is using Unbabel’s platform and portal for its customer service team globally. Rakuten TV is a video-on-demand streaming service, offering movies and TV series for subscription, rental and purchase. Rakuten, Inc., has over 70 business services worldwide, operating through internet services, fintech, and mobile.

Filippo Dell’Anno, customer service director at Rakuten TV, said, “The Unbabel Portal is an intuitive application that enables my team to show a streamlined overview of progress to our executives, helping them to understand the business value instantly. The impact of multilingual translation to our customer service strategy is now unparalleled. Additionally, the Unbabel Language Brain gives an insightful and in-depth look into the different languages being accessed in one of the most visual, coolest ways possible.”

The Unbabel Portal is included in the overall bundled price of the subscription. To learn more about the Unbabel Portal and how it can improve language operations, please visit:

About Unbabel:

Unbabel removes language barriers by blending advanced artificial intelligence with real-time, human translations. The company’s enterprise translation platform enables customer-centric brands to provide multilingual customer service and experience at scale – delivering native-quality translations quickly, efficiently and smarter over time. It transforms customer contact centres from a cost to profit centre, providing automated translation, quality estimation, human expertise and CRM integrations.

With the mission to become the World’s Translation Layer, Unbabel works with leading brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Logitech, to make their customers happier and their support operations more efficient.

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