NICE Adds Powerful Innovations to Optimize Workforce Management and Improve Experiences for Digital Consumers

The massive increase in digital channel adoption has added significant complexity to workforce management forecasting and scheduling. To help organizations address this development, NICE announced that its workforce management solution now includes extensive innovation that helps organizations optimize digital channel management and improve customer and employee experiences.

In addition, version 7.4 of NICE Workforce Management (WFM) also includes sophisticated new capabilities across the suite, including NICE WFM Enhanced Strategic Planner, delivering advanced planning flexibility, forecasting accuracy, scheduling efficiency, business agility, and increased employee engagement.

While businesses have increasingly made digital channel management a top priority, they must constantly adapt to shifts in customers’ communication channel preferences while simultaneously delivering excellent customer experiences and meeting service level goals. According to the Aberdeen Strategy & Research report entitled “Workforce Management for Digital-Savvy Contract Center Leaders: Modernize WFM Activities to Maximize Digital Transformation Success”, “improving agent productivity, optimizing agent utilization rates and reducing costs are among the top objectives driving WFM programs. Firms with digital-savvy WFM programs achieve 3.6x greater year-over-year (YoY) growth in agent productivity (15.0% vs. 4.2%) and 3.0x greater YoY increase in agent utilization rates.”

NICE Workforce Management (WFM) version 7.4 includes sophisticated capabilities across the suite to help organizations comprehensively address their digital channel staffing needs. Businesses can take control of choosing service goals by channel, priority selection or threshold discernment to absorb interrupt-ability. New scheduling engine enhancements provide the added flexibility digital channels need for differentiation, the fine-tuning of unique customization per channel, and custom schedule generation.

NICE WFM Enhanced Strategic Planner now supports agent digital concurrency modeling and provides appropriate agent coverage per delegated service goal. In addition, NICE Employee Engagement Manager (EEM) version 8.7 enhancements put employees and supervisors at the centre with the Adaptive Breaks and Lunches feature, bringing additional automation and intelligence to the intraday management process. This automation allows agents and supervisors to focus on serving their customers rather than balancing adherence to schedules and CSAT.

“The ways in which customers engage with organizations has shifted dramatically with customers expecting businesses to meet them at their digital doorstep,” commented Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce and Customer Experience Group, “NICE is excited to be the first to offer integrated forecasting and scheduling capabilities that redefine core WFM processes, drive agile adaption of shifting customer preferences while optimizing digital channel management to meet service goals and deliver best in class CSAT.”

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