Leading Japanese BPO Adopts NICE Enlighten AI for Smart Quality Management and Improved Customer Service

NICE announced that NTT Marketing ACT, one of the largest business process outsourcers (BPO) in Japan, has selected NICE Nexidia and Enlighten to automate the bulk of its quality management processes.

This decision will make NICE Enlighten one of the first artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks ever deployed in Japan to automatically assess the impact of contact centre agent behaviours on customer satisfaction (CSAT).

The rollout enables NTT Marketing ACT to account for linguistic differences by leveraging the advantages of an agnostic phonetic platform, a first in the region.

The Japanese Enlighten behaviour models are packaged as the first Japanese standard CSAT models, which NTT Marketing ACT will use to automate two-thirds of its interaction quality assessments on behalf of 200 current BPO clients. The company will further distinguish itself in the BPO market by offering new customers sophisticated analytics and quality management (QM) services enabled by NICE solutions. By strategically pairing NICE’s analytics capabilities with NTT Marketing ACT’s experience in operations, the companies are equipping agents with the tools they need to deliver better customer experiences.

NICE Enlighten provides real-time and forward-looking insights into agent behaviour, as it draws upon purpose-built, self-learning AI and the largest syndicated interaction dataset. NICE Nexidia focuses on customer behaviour, using sentiment analytics, journey sequencing technology and predictive call routing for every interaction. These solutions are brought together in NICE Quality Central, with its rapid, easy-to-use interactivity and customisable centralised administration.

These capabilities proved to be key factors in accessing Japanese agent behaviours, as subtle gestures and small actions within a call are collectively evaluated. NTT Marketing ACT tested different analytics solutions in the past but struggled to capture agent behaviour let alone incorporate analytics into QM operations. NTT Marketing ACT chose the NICE offering because of the combined capabilities of “phonetic indexing,” “sentiment,” and “automatic speech recognition” technology within a single platform that enables an end-to-end quality management cycle. The company will use the NICE Nexidia and Enlighten platform as a launching point for its new “One Contact Quality Management” BPO service, demonstrating how NICE solutions enable digital transformation.

Mr.Takehisa Furuya, NTT Marketing Act, Management Department Manager: “With NICE Nexidia & Enlighten, the quality and productivity of the contact centre will be maintained and improved, and the operation of the entire contact centre will be optimised. Together with NICE, we will realise a co-creative contact centre operation that not only pursues KPIs but also actively proposes a new KPI method.”

Darren Rushworth, President, NICE APAC: “An agent’s ability to forge a connection with customers in a service channel is essential to providing better overall customer experiences. Our partnership with NTT MA has resulted in a new set of unique AI-based models to evaluate agents’ specific behaviours to help them improve those experiences. This is a first for Japan and will surely help NTT Marketing ACT stand out in the market.”

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