AskNicely Steps on the Accelerator with Sales & Marketing Investments After $32M Series B Round

AskNicely, a leader in customer experience software for service businesses, is pleased to report on its continued rapid growth, with new funding and strategic new hires supporting its mission to fix frontline work.

In addition to $32 million recently raised in Series B funding, AskNicely has selected Robert Galop as global marketing leader, John Ragsdale as global sales leader, and Fabian Eckstrom-French as head of business development. The substantial infusion of financial resources combined with an elite team of software and technology veterans paves the way for AskNicely to further accelerate sales and begin expanding its network of technology and consulting partners for its Frontline Success Platform.

“We are putting this latest round of funding to good use by leveling up our capacity to reach more companies and build new partnerships,” says AskNicely Founder and CEO Aaron Ward. “The addition of Robert, John, and Fabian is already having a positive impact on AskNicely, our customers, and our growing ecosystem of like-minded partners and experts. Under their leadership this year, we have already connected thousands of experts, business leaders, and operators through our Frontline Experience Summit and Frontline Magic Community, and we are helping businesses build the case for Customer and Employee Experience investments through our ground-breaking research and customer success stories.”

Galop brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience across marketing, product development, and product management for high-growth technology and SaaS innovators. Ragsdale previously worked for Lucidpress, holding senior-level roles focused on business planning, sales, customer satisfaction, and sales management. Eckstrom-French is a strategic business development leader with many years of experience helping technology companies achieve rapid growth through strategic alliances and partner ecosystems.

“The traditional approach to customer and employee experience is broken, and it’s holding back companies and their employees,” adds Ward. “By getting customer feedback directly into the hands of their frontline teams, and by strengthening communication and relationships between leaders and their frontline employees, our customers are seeing rapid improvements in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and revenue growth. We are thrilled to have the chance to impact more businesses with this new round of investment, and we are excited to begin building a deeper community of partners and experts who share our commitment to making frontline work awesome.”

About AskNicely

Founded in 2014, AskNicely is the Frontline Success Platform pioneer, connecting the dots between employee experience, customer experience, and revenue growth for service businesses. The industry-leading mobile platform delivers personalized coaching and motivation for frontline workers powered by real-time customer feedback, leading to improved growth from better customer experience. AskNicely services over 1,400 companies worldwide and has offices in the United States, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

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