isolved Debuts Conversational Virtual Assistant for HR Answers and Assistance Wherever and Whenever Employees Need Them

Conversational virtual assistants (VA) are becoming a standard means for how people now interact with technology, delivering much simpler, easier ways to access information and services. In a recent survey, 71 percent of full-time employees said they were willing to use a conversational VA to accomplish human resource (HR) tasks.

As a key part of delivering the very best employee experience, isolved is announcing the next major addition to its intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) platform by launching an intuitive conversational artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot initially for Microsoft Teams™ and planned for other collaboration and messaging apps where employees work together.

Available as a part of isolved People Cloud™, employees can use the conversational VA to ask questions, get answers and complete everyday HR tasks without needing to wait on their HR help desk or even log in to their HCM platform. This high level of accessibility means employees can quickly get up-to-date information for such things as reviewing time-off balance or benefits – all without the employee leaving the work tech app they are already in.

“Conversational virtual assistants are now a part of our everyday lives yet aren’t widely available where we spend most of our time – at work,” said James Norwood, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at isolved. “By bringing a conversational VA to common collaborative and messaging apps, employees can take care of HR tasks far more quickly and then get back to making an impact for their organization. At the same time, employers benefit from offering an intuitive consumer-like experience that reduces friction and improves retention.”

In addition to freeing up valuable employee time by automating responses to frequently asked questions and completing tasks, employees get access to crucial information when and where they need it. Other top benefits for employers include the following workflows:

  • Simplifying the onboarding process: Employers can help welcome employees via Microsoft Teams with a built-in interactive chat experience to kickstart the first days of work and make it easier for new employees to find what they need, feel connected and get productive faster.
  • Makes employee communication easy and fun: With isolved’s conversational VA, employees can find answers to common questions about their work schedule, timecard information, their elected benefits and even payroll matters they need quickly. The VA helps with requests in a fun, chat-like way even helping to book time-off and thus keeping basic HR service desk requests to a minimum.

In subsequent releases, isolved’s conversational VA is expected to have even more use cases, broadening those available for HR, payroll, benefits and workforce management, to talent acquisition and talent management. For example, gathering employee feedback via regular “pulse” surveys, and helping HR and business leaders to schedule polls, quizzes and broadcasts while empowering them with analytics to drive better engagement and improve processes. Availability in-app as well as integrations to Slack™, WhatsApp™, Facebook Messenger™ and Viber™ are also planned under isolved’s continuous release process.

See the conversational voice assistant in action by requesting an isolved demo.

About isolved

isolved is an employee experience leader, providing intuitive, people-first HCM technology. Our solutions are delivered directly or through our HRO partner network to more than five million employees and 145,000 employers across all 50 States — who use them every day to boost performance, increase productivity, and accelerate results while reducing risk. Our HCM platform, isolved People Cloud, intelligently connects and manages the employee journey across talent acquisition, HR & payroll, benefits, workforce management and talent management functions. No matter the industry, we help high-growth organizations employ, enable and empower their workforce by transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow.