MiaRec Announces Release of Customer Sentiment Analysis

MiaRec, a global provider of award-winning workforce and customer engagement solutions, announced the release of its Customer Sentiment Analysis to its interaction recording and customer engagement platform.

Gennadiy Bezko, MiaRec CEO, said, “This additional ability marks a real leap forward for MiaRec and actionable speech analytics overall.” Further, he stated, “For too long, call center managers have had to rely on unreliable surveys to get a sense of how their customers feel about them. The MiaRec platform can now provide meaningful sentiment scores for 100% of a company’s recorded interactions.”

MiaRec’s Customer Sentiment Analysis intelligently scores speech based on positive and negative language detected within the call. As a part of MiaRec’s speech analytics applications, the sentiment score gives organizations an overview of a call’s language while a unique color-coding system illuminates call transcripts to show sentiment events. This is particularly useful for visualizing a call’s sentimental trend. This feature gives companies a competitive advantage by visualizing customer emotion across every transcribed call. This will directly impact the way organizations measure customer satisfaction and act to increase it.

Bezko noted, “The trouble many users have with speech analytics is they lack the confidence to act on the data they receive. We believe this is because the analysis is disassembled and doesn’t resemble data in a format that people are used to.” He added, “The MiaRec platform is uniquely built to model its findings back to the user in as human a way as possible. Giving an administrator a feel for how a call went is one of the human functions of our sentiment analysis component.”

About MiaRec

MiaRec, Inc. empowers organizations around the world with tools that enhance the relationship between company and customer by transforming data into insight. MiaRec’s Customer Engagement and Workforce Engagement Platform unifies call recording, voice analytics, quality management, screen recording, and advanced reporting functionality in one unified solution. MiaRec is an innovator in the multi-billion-dollar call recording and workforce engagement industries. MiaRec maintains its Silicon Valley headquarters in Campbell, California with offices and partners worldwide.

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